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Aquatic Workouts

As a low impact environment, water provides a great way for individuals to combine the therapeutic benefits of water with regular exercise. Here are a few key ways to capitalize on a water-based exercise routine.

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Essential Backyard Furnishings

At Imagine Backyard Living, we’ve partnered with several of the finest brands in the backyard furnishings industry to deliver you exclusive decor and furniture options.

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Why You Should Want a Swim Spa

Swim Spas offer many of the benefits of a full-sized swimming pool along with the relaxing setting of a hot tub at a fraction of the cost and, maybe most important, you can use it every day of the year.

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Working Out In the Water

Getting into a consistent exercise routine is a challenge. One way to push you in the right direction is to seek out a form of exercise routine that takes place entirely in the water.

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Poolside Workout Ideas

To make the most of your summer, mix in some of these poolside workout routines into your long days of lounging and leisure by the pool.

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