Which Is The Best Large Hot Tub For a Big Backyard? 3 Top Models

There’s no doubt about it, with a large backyard space comes virtually endless possibilities.

If your backyard is on the larger side, you might feel compelled to do something special with all of the free space and perhaps build your own backyard paradise with the addition of a backyard spa.

In this article, we’re going to help you find the best large hot tub for a big backyard, so you can make the absolute most of your backyard and create a design that will entertain you for many years to come.

3 Best Large Hot Tubs For a Bigger Backyard Living Space

When it comes to creating a backyard oasis, a large hot tub can be the perfect addition to your outdoor living space. Not only does a hot tub provide a luxurious way to relax and unwind, but it can also be a focal point of your backyard design.

If you have a bigger backyard, you may want to consider a large hot tub to complement the scale of your space. Here are three of the best large hot tubs for a bigger backyard living space


Sundance optima hot tub

Dimensions: 89” x 89” x 37.5”
Meet the Optima® Sundance® Spas hot tub. This standard-setting hot tub is spacious enough for six to seven adults, making it the perfect asset to a larger backyard living space.

The sleek, modern design of this large hot tub can help you to create a more contemporary and bold style within your outdoor space.

Features include:

  • Ergonomic seats that can accommodate 6-7 people
  • 47 hydromassage jets
  • Fluidix® Jets
  • Accu-Ssage™ Seat
  • Jetted foot dome
  • LED perimeter and underwater lighting
  • Energy-efficient features and technology

Learn more about the Optima® from Sundance® Spas today!



Dimensions: 91” x 91” x 37.5 – 43.5”
The J-475™ Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs model is ideal for those who have a bigger backyard space and are in need of full-body relief. The 5-6 seat ergonomic interior offers the ultimate in both comfort and style, making it the perfect addition to a backyard designed for entertainment, recreation and relaxation.

Features include:

  • 5-6 ergonomic seats
  • 55 hydromassage jets
  • RX Jet Therapy Lounge seat
  • Drink holders
  • Extra-wide illuminated waterfall
  • Indicator light
  • Color-touch screen control panel
  • ProFinish™ cabinetry accented by corner lighting

Learn more about the J-475™ Jacuzzi® Hot Tub today!


claremont top view

Dimensions: 92” x 100” x 34”
If we know one thing to be true, it’s that many hot tub owners have fallen in love with the Claremont® from Sundance® Spas at first sight. The crisp and modern exterior cabinetry of this 6-person hot tub can make it a wonderful addition to just about any backyard space.

Corner illumination helps to promote both safety and style, which makes this hot tub the ideal choice for a family-friendly backyard.
Features include:

  • 5-6 ergonomic seats
  • 59 hydromassage jets
  • Comfortable lounge seat
  • Lounge deck
  • Interior and exterior LED lighting
  • SilentAir™ injector jets
  • Glass i-Touch control system
  • MicroClean® Ultra Water Management System

Learn more about the Claremont® from Sundance® Spas today!

Top Large Hot Tubs At Imagine Backyard Living

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