The SmartTub™ System

Enjoy a simplified approach to hot tub ownership. With the SmartTub™ System, hot tub ownership has never been so simple. This innovative system allows you to connect to your hot tub through an app on your mobile device. Free to download on Apple and Android devices, the SmartTub™ app enables you with the opportunity to monitor and control your spa from just about anywhere.

Why the SmartTub™ System?


✓ Control energy efficiency and filtration
✓ Change temperature, lighting, and jets
✓ Manage your vacation home hot tub
✓ Automatically schedule and control the temperature with the new Smart Heat Mode.


✓ Alerts your dealer when service is due
✓ Receive energy usage reports
✓ Stay informed with power outage notifications


✓ User-friendly app, for everyone to enjoy
✓ Activate using a Smart Home device
✓ Stay connected with cellular-based service

Cellular V.S. Wi-Fi


Outdoor hot tubs can easily connect to local cell towers using the SmartTub™ System. You can look forward to a stable network with maximized performance, without any effect on your personal cellular plan. Partnered with major wireless carriers worldwide, you can look forward to a reliable connection, every time.


While Wi-Fi can be a great option for many products to connect to indoors, outdoor hot tubs may not receive a strong connection. This is due to a range of barriers, such as wall construction materials, water, and distance. While you may be able to connect your hot tub to Wi-Fi, depending on your unique installation, the connection may not always prove to be reliable.

The SmartTub™ system uses cellular-based communication and requires cell service from our provider partner in your area.

Verify your coverage here:

* Requires subscription beginning in second year of ownership

**Estimates are based on sensor readings and are not meant to match your utility measurements, see your local utility company for specifics to your local system

IMPORTANT NOTICE. Some hot tubs are equipped with the SmartTub™ System that has the capability of providing maintenance and diagnostic information to the user’s local authorized Jacuzzi® dealer and Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs, as well as allowing the user to send signals to the hot tub. The SmartTub™ System is a remote system that relies on connections of cellular components at the time a signal or message is sent, to communicate. The system is for the convenience of the consumer/owner of the hot tub, and does not take the place of regular physical inspection and maintenance of a hot tub. The remote system should not be relied upon as a substitute for regular physical inspection and monitoring of the hot tub. If for any reason the cellular connection of either the sender or recipient is not active at the time the system attempts to send a signal, the signal or message will not be sent/received. Further, neither Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs nor its independent and authorized dealers represent they will initiate any contact with a consumer if a signal or message is received. Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs, its parent, subsidiary, and related entities, as well as independent and authorized Jacuzzi® dealers, expressly disclaim all liability, including liability based on negligence, breach of contract, product defect or any other cause of action, as well as any damages, alleged to have resulted from a consumer’s use or reliance on the SmartTub™ System. Click Here to view our End User License Agreement. See our Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs Privacy Statement for additional terms.