How a Spa Can Help Heal Sore Muscles – Top Benefits For Eased Pain

Regularly soaking in a hot tub can help to improve how you feel emotionally and physically.

One of the most sought-after and noticeable physical benefits is eased pain and soreness in both muscles and joints.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at hydrotherapy and how soaking in a hot tub can help heal sore muscles.


One of the most noticeable properties of water is buoyancy. Have you ever noticed that when you submerge your body in water, that you experience a feeling of weightlessness?

This is due to buoyancy. In fact, buoyancy can help lift about 90% of the weight from your body, resulting in a feeling of freedom.

Buoyancy can help to lift pressure from sore muscles and joints. When this weight is lifted, your body will have some time to relax and really let go, making it much easier to let go of built-up tension and recover.


Most modern hot tubs have a built-in, touchscreen control panel that allows the user to adjust the temperature of the water. When the temperature is kept between 95°F and 102°F, users can expect to soak in a warm and comfortable environment.

This heat can have a wonderful effect on sore muscles and joints, especially for those who suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, or chronic pain.

Warm water can help to stimulate blood flow and improve circulation, helping improve the natural production of positive endorphins. These endorphins can help to ease feelings of pain and anxiety.

Warm water can also help to advance the feelings of relaxation, helping muscles let go of built-up tension. Add some gentle movements and stretches to really maximize the health benefits.


The jets that are placed throughout the hot tub can be used to target some of the most stress-prone areas of the body, which tend to carry the most discomfort and pain.

This flow of gentle, yet powerful, water on areas such as the feet, hips, neck, shoulders, and lower back can help work out the knots and ease tension. The more muscle tension is reduced, the less pain and soreness that your body will carry. Plus, a massage can really feel great!

Additional Benefits

The benefits of soaking in a hot tub can stretch much further than just healing sore muscles. Some of the other popular benefits include:

  • Better sleep patterns
  • More time spent with family
  • Less stress
  • Weight loss
  • Improved skin
  • Enhanced post-injury recovery
  • More social interactions
  • Improved backyard design

How will you benefit from soaking in a Sundance® Spas or Jacuzzi® Hot Tub?

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