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Modern outdoor hot tub installation.

6 Ways to Engage in Self Care Regularly

When the responsibilities and commitments start to pile up, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Make your health a priority with regular self care. What you do to engage in self care regularly will heavily depend on what helps you to relax and puts a smile

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Outdoor hot tub installation at night.

Revitalize Your Backyard Living Space This Spring

What better place to spend your free time relaxing and enjoying yourself, than your very own backyard? With the right landscape ideas and landscape design expertise, you can create a backyard that is built to serve your every desire. In the case that your backyard

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Blurred exhibition hall

Don’t Be Misled by Another Spa Expo

It’s that time of year again! Another Spa Expo is being advertised on TV, claiming major brands will be represented and at huge discounts. In fact, they really only have one manufacturer’s products on display and the “sale” prices are nothing special, especially considering the

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Woman hiking in Arizona.

Ways to Sneak in More “Me Time”

Do you feel overwhelmed with commitments and obligations? If so, you’re likely well overdue for some well-deserved “me time”. While life is busy and it’s perfectly understandable to put your personal needs last on the list, you may experience negative effects down the line. By

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Man relaxing in hot tub.

Which Hot Tub is Best for a Small Backyard?

Have you always wanted to get a hot tub, but aren’t sure if you have the space for it? Believe it or not, there are a number of smaller hot tubs that are perfect for more modest backyard spaces, patio areas and decks. If you

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Optima Sundance Spas hot tub installation with happy family inside.

Which Hot Tub is Best for a Big Backyard?

There’s no doubt about it, with a large backyard space comes virtually endless possibilities. If your backyard is on the larger side, you might feel compelled to do something special with all of the free space and perhaps build your own backyard paradise with the

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Outdoor hot tub installation.

Reasons to Install Your Hot Tub Outside

Have you decided to buy a hot tub? Congratulations! You are one of many who have made the decision to invest in your home, health and happiness with the custom installation of a high-quality hot tub. An integral question that you must first answer before

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Woman and man engaging in a chromotherapy session.

The Benefits of Chromotherapy

Did you know that colors can directly influence your mood and your feelings? While this may come as a surprise to you, the fact is, certain hues and tones have been shown to have a direct effect on your well-being, health and happiness. If you’ve

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Person engaging in hot tub reflexology.

The Benefits of Reflexology

Distinct from massage therapy, reflexology is a centuries-old technique using the tips of fingers to apply pressure to various reflex zones throughout the body, with a focus on healing organs and tissues over relieving tension and tightness in muscle groups. Nowadays, you can find the

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