Premium Hot Tub Filters For Crystal Clear Spa Water

Your filters are key players in your hot tub’s basic functioning. They affect not only the quality of your water but also the overall efficiency of your hot tub.

Curious about just how these hidden gems can hold such power?

Read on! We’ll cover everything you need to know about hot tub filters, from learning how they can have so much influence on your spa to expert tips on keeping them clean and how to select the right ones when it comes time to replace them.

We’ll even cover some easy ways to reduce the amount of debris they collect! Let’s dive in.

The Importance of Your Hot Tub Filters

Do you like lifting the cover of your hot tub and being welcomed by the sparkling, steamy depths of the water inside?

Of course you do, and you can thank your filters for that crystal-clear water every day!

Your filters are the warriors of your hot tub, keeping debris and contaminants at bay to ensure the water in your tub is free from floaties.

This is hard work, resulting in debris and grime slowly accumulating on their surface, hindering the flow of water over time.

Unfortunately, this means your spa’s efficiency heavily relies on the cleanliness of your filters. Clean filters ensure your system doesn’t have to work overtime to circulate the water.

Luckily, keeping your filters in top-notch condition is an easy process.

Jacuzzi hot tub filters

How to Best Maintain Your Hot Tub Filters

Knowing how to care for your hot tub filters is non-negotiable, and it takes a few different steps to keep them in prime condition year round.

Generally, hot tub filters have a lifespan of 12 months. However, to verify how frequently you should change yours, it’s best to review your user manual.

This timeline can change, however, and any small amount of damage to your filters will require a new one to be installed.

This ensures the filters in your spa are always in pristine condition to best perform their role.

So, how exactly do you keep your filters in good condition? Great question! Ultimately, it’s a three-step process: a weekly rinse, a monthly chemical spray, and a seasonal chemical soak.

After turning off the power to your spa, here’s how to perform each routine:

Weekly Rinse

Your weekly rinse serves as a quick refresher for your filter(s), cleaning off any surface debris.

Using your garden hose (filter flosser attachment optional) or laundry sink faucet, gently rinse any grime off the surface of your filter.

Once it’s clean, inspect it for damage, looking for tears, rips, or pleats popping out from the endcaps.

If you spot any damage, replace the filter. If not, simply reinstall the same filter, and you’re good to go!

Monthly Spray

You should give your filter a slightly deeper clean each month to help lift any heavier set debris.

The best way to do this is with a spray-on, rinse-off hot tub filter cleaner.

After rinsing off your filter using your hose, spray your filter with the filter cleaner, and let soak for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

As always, follow up with an inspection before returning it to your hot tub.

Seasonal Soak

Finally, when it comes time for you to drain and deep clean your hot tub, generally every 3-4 months, your filters will also need an extra dose of care.

For this routine, after rinsing your filters, dilute the appropriate amount of a filter cleaner in water, submerge your filter, and allow it to soak overnight.

This gives the cleaning solution time to deeply penetrate the pleats’ fibers, removing any organic matter, debris, and potential scale that may have developed over the last few months.

The next morning, thoroughly rinse all the cleaner from the filter, inspect, and reinstall in your spa.

Selecting Your Hot Tub Filters

So it’s time to replace your filters–now what?

When buying new filters, it’s crucial to select ones specifically made for your spa and opt for genuine parts from the manufacturer.

While there are plenty of off-brand selections on the market, genuine parts should always be top of mind.

This ensures that your replacement filters will seamlessly fit into your hot tub and are capable of producing the level of support the manufacturer intended.

Genuine filters can often be found at your dealership or through their online store if they have one.

Additionally, reviewing your user manual is a good idea, as it will guide you toward the right type of filter you need. Not all filters are the same, with different models using different styles of filters.

For example, the Microclean Ultra Filter Inner is exclusively used in the Sundance®️ Spas 880™️ Series models, while the Microclean 75ft Pleated Filter would be used for models in the 780™️ Series.

If you’re ever unsure which filter you need, contact the team of experts at your dealership, and they’ll help you find the necessary filters for your model.

Sundance Spas hot tub filters

Tips to Minimize The Wear and Tear on Your Filters

If you want to give your filters even more care, there are some proactive steps worth considering, with some being more influential (and vital) than others.

Here are the top ways to keep your filters clean between cleanings:

  • Minimize organic matter: Organic matter comes from a variety of sources such as dead skin cells, body lotions, make-up, and even detergent still clinging to the fibers of your swimsuit. The best way to reduce these oils in your hot tub is by quickly rinsing off before you soak, and keeping your hair out of the water.
  • Use hot tub sponges after soaks: Speaking of the oils leaching into your water during a soak, hot tub sponges are a great way to absorb any that do end up in your spa. Simply toss them in after each soak, and they’ll drift along the surface, absorbing any oils lingering there. For a more affordable option, tennis balls work just as well!
  • Follow your cleaning routine: The filter cleaning routine above should not be neglected. While forgoing a weekly rinse when your spa’s seen little use may not be overly impactful, continuing to push aside their care will only cause headaches in the future. From poor water flow, water quality issues, or rising energy bills, lack of filter care impacts it all.
  • Keep water chemistry balanced: While we’re on the topic of water quality, keeping your pH balanced is key to maximizing the longevity of your filters. Improperly balanced pH can result in corrosion or scale buildup, both of which impact your filter quality. Keeping your pH in check will ensure your filters have the best quality water flowing through them.

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