Clear Comfort System

Innovative Hydroxyl-Based AOP for Hot Tubs and Swim Spas Sanitation

The Clear Comfort CCW25™ AOP system for hot tubs and swim spas offers a simple and convenient solution to achieve superior water quality with chlorine levels comparable to drinking water. It utilizes our patented Hydroxyl-Based AOP Technology to provide the optimal balance of cleanliness, healthiness, and a refreshing water experience.

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Experience the Clear Revolution in Spa Water Care

Elevating Spa Care for Total Wellness

Indulge in Refreshing, Healthy, and Luxuriously Soft Water with Chlorine Levels Comparable to Drinking Water and Minimal Use of Harmful Chemicals.

Effortless Water

Liberate yourself from the burdens of handling toxic chemicals after each use and enjoy a system maintenance routine that requires less than one minute of your time per year.

Breathe Freely & Experience Renewal

Indulge in a serene oasis where fresh, velvety water not only looks captivating but also provides an exquisite sensation, ensuring it is always ready for you to luxuriate in.

Prolong the Lifespan of Your Hot Tub or Swim Spa

Preserve the beauty and functionality of your hot tub or swim spa by maintaining non-corrosive water that not only promotes your well-being but also safeguards the longevity of the surfaces, cover and equipment.

Features of the Water Treatment System

Explore the Award-Winning Clear Comfort CCW25 AOP System for Hot Tubs and Swim Spas.

Effortless Water Care

Experience the benefits of non-corrosive water that eliminates the necessity of handling toxic chemicals after every use, ensuring a safer and hassle-free water care experience.

Quick and Easy Cartridge Replacement in 1 Min.

Savor the ease of system maintenance, as it demands less than a minute of your time each year, allowing you to fully enjoy your spa without extensive upkeep.

Seamless Integration of Accessories Made Easy

Experience a design specifically tailored to facilitate the smooth integration of a flow meter and accessory pump, ensuring they effortlessly align with your spa's needs and enhance its functionality.

Relax and Immerse Yourself in the Finest Water Experience

Experience the luxurious sensation of clear, pure water with Clear Comfort’s low-chemical water treatment system. Feel the delicate softness on your skin, the refreshing transformation for your eyes and hair. Embrace the elimination of disinfection by-products, allowing you to breathe deeply, free from the overwhelming scent of chlorine.

  • Softer, silkier water
  • No chemical odor
  • No red eyes

Designed for Ownership of Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

Immerse Yourself in the Finest Full-Flow Water Treatment with a Flexible Design that is Effortless to Integrate, Use, and Enjoy.

The CCW25 system prioritizes your health and wellness, offering a simplified spa water care routine. Experience water that not only feels amazing but also looks pristine, all while eliminating the need for handling toxic chemicals after each use.

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