Your Ultimate Guide to Working Out In the Water

Getting into a consistent exercise routine is a challenge.

Whether it’s finding the right time of the day, the right gym, or the right form of exercise, there seems to always be some barrier or another keeping you from getting into a productive, long-term fitness habit.

One way to push you in the right direction though is to seek out a form of exercise routine that takes place entirely in the water. Here’s why:

Water Improves Resistance

Resistance training is a form of physical exercise that puts your muscular and skeletal system against an exterior force like a weight in the case of a deadlift or bench press, or gravity in the case of sprints or jumping jacks.

The most significant benefit of resistance training is that it helps you build muscle mass. This might not be incredibly important to the youngest among us but building muscle mass becomes increasingly critical as we age.

The problem with typical forms of resistance training though is that they can be very taxing on the body. Resistance training is done in a swimming pool, however, is a great way to get the same beneficial muscle growth without the high impact.

That’s because being submerged in water is essentially like putting your entire body in a low-impact resistance environment all the time. It makes even the most simple activity, like walking, more beneficial.

Water Brings Balance

Water also has the wonderful quality of being a fantastic environment for supporting the bodies of individuals with balance or agility issues due to injury or lack of experience.

Where an aerobics class in a studio might be too difficult for a novice to keep up with, a water aerobics class might be a great alternative.

Even the most seasoned athlete who has suffered from a joint injury would likely get more out of a water-based workout because water has the ability to support the weight of injured body parts in ways that enables you to exercise without causing additional damage.

Water is Fun

The most obvious reason to exercise in the water though is that it is more fun than any other type of workout routine.

There is something about getting into a pool that immediately shaves years off your age and enables you to feel a little sillier and a little more liberated. This is important because no exercise routine will remain consistent if it is not enjoyable.

Whether it’s joining a swim group, a water aerobics class, or even a water polo team, choosing to bring your workout to the aquatic environment will inevitably pay off dividends with your health and keep you in the habit of being active.

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