Hydropool Swim Spas – Everything You Need to Know

Hydropool first made its mark on the backyard leisure industry in 1980, and released their first swim spa over 25 years ago.

Since then, they’ve been challenging the status quo, designing swim spas that are taking the world by storm with advanced systems that have left people raving.

If you’re considering investing in a Hydropool Swim Spa, there is plenty to discover in their warm depths!

And we’re breaking it down for you in one comprehensive guide!

Keep reading to discover how this brand is making a splash in the swim spa industry, and all the ways they can transform your time at home!

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The Hydropool Swim Spa Difference

Hydropool has been in business for over 40 years, and today, they’re recognized as one of the leading innovators in the industry.

They’ve created swim spas that truly cater to a variety of needs, elevating the way people can swim at home.

There are a variety of elements that make these swim spas particularly appealing to many homeowners looking for a new way to enjoy their backyard.

Modern and Efficient

Hydropool makes one of the most energy-efficient swim spas on the market today.

Through a combination of design details like low amperage motors and a quick filtration cycle that uses less energy to clean the same amount of water, Hydropool products perform at a high level for a fraction of the cost.

Another aspect that lends itself to their energy efficiency and impressive heat retention, is the base and cabinetry, as well as the insulation and internal design.

The Polymer Base and Everlast Cabinetry work together to keep the cool air out, while locking in the heat radiating off your system and shell.

Every bit of heat your system produces while your spa is running is recycled and used to keep the water toasty warm.

This Thermal Sheild System reduces the work your spa needs to do to keep your water temperature to its set levels, saving you money as it maximizes your energy efficiency.

This design has allowed Hydropool to claim a spot as one of the top four most energy-efficient swim spas in the world!

Revolutionary Self-Cleaning Design

Hydropool has designed a self-cleaning filtration system that eliminates the need to always be on top of maintenance.

Their swim spas do this through a series of steps to clean every drop of water in your spa every 40 minutes!

First, the jets and strategically designed seats push light particulates to the surface of the water, where they are quickly gathered up into the skimmer system.

Simultaneously, the filtration jet on the bottom of the spa slowly moves any heavy grit and dirt toward the HydroClean Floor Vacuum, which removes it from the water and into the filter.

Paired with the Hydropool PureWater System, you’ll be left with an effortlessly clean swim spa!

Learn how it works in this short video.

Advanced Technology For a Flawless Swim

Hydropool swim spas don’t just give you a way to swim outdoors all year long. They’ve created the perfect atmosphere for a predictable, controllable experience!

Each swim spa is designed to support the current of water, ensuring you’re never battling waves that you’ve already swam through.

Some models have even been designed to take this even further, with Current Collector technology reducing any reflective waves and turbulence, resulting in the smoothest swim possible!

Premium Quality

Hydropool Swim Spas were built to withstand the freezing Canadian winter, ensuring they provide a comfortable experience without breaking the bank, even on the coldest days of the year.

Every aspect of these swim spas has been designed to provide a premium experience for many years to come, regardless of your climate.

From the various styles of covers to complement every season and the advanced systems to retain heat, to the self-cleaning technology, these swim spas provide an unmatched level of quality.

Renowned Throughout The Industry

Like any business, reputation is everything, and Hydropool takes their commitment to their customers seriously.

Starting with a 10-year structural guarantee, they stand firmly behind the quality and integrity of their products.

Each model is then designed to exceed the expectations of the consumer with state-of-the-art ergonomic design elements combined with hydraulic jet systems that create a truly full-body experience.

When it comes to swim spas, experience, and reliability are everything.

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Lifestyle Benefits of a Hydropool Swim Spa

Hydropool Swim Spas provide ample benefits for both your health and lifestyle, completely transforming your day-to-day living.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior jumping in for an afternoon of fun with the kids, or start every day with a swim, there are plenty of benefits to soak up!

A Customizable Swimming Experience

One of the best benefits of a Hydropool Swim Spa is their ability to easily meet a variety of skill levels.

This means these swim spas are just as suitable for young swimmers as they are for professionals!

Best of all, this adjustable current ensures your swim spa will continue to grow with you as you get stronger, pushing you to your limits at any level!

A Gentle Workout Environment

Aquatic fitness has been a popular exercise option for decades, and with the gentle, supportive environment, it’s no surprise!

While the water reduces the impact your joints experience, the added resistance can help build strength in even the smallest muscles in your body.

Swim spas have brought this even further, with the warm water improving mobility to allow for an even more effective workout.

Year Round Family Fun

Whether you’re looking for a way to keep the kids active during the winter, or want to create a backyard experience that’ll leave everyone with lifelong memories, a Hydropool Swim Spa can do it all.

With their perfectly heated water, you can easily enjoy the warm depths 365 days a year, no matter your climate.

Better yet, if you’re trying to reconnect with your older children, swim spas provide the perfect tech-free environment, creating uninterrupted time to connect.

The Perfect Blend of Relaxation and Fitness

While swimming is sure to be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “swim spa,” they’re for far more than just that!

With hot tub seating that’s lined with powerful jets, your swim spa is just as good at easing aching muscles as it is at getting you fit.

In fact, you can skip the swim entirely and instead give date night a whole new look!

Cancel the trip into the city for dinner, and whisk your loved one into the backyard for a soothing massage to unwind and reconnect after a busy week!

Effortless Post-Workout Recovery

Recovery is a crucial element of any fitness regime, but it’s often the first to be sidelined.

Swim spas effortlessly combine exercise and recovery, allowing the warm water to ease muscles even as you workout, reducing aches and pains the next day.

This is taken even further with the hydrotherapy seats!

Set aside a couple of minutes after your workout to drift back into one of the seats and feel your muscles release under the pressure of the jets.

Your post-exercise routine will never be the same again!

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