Backyard Living in Arizona: 3 Tips for Planning Your Space

Planning your backyard living space in Arizona might seem tricky at first. After all, Arizona’s summers are so hot that they’re often unbearable, and the winters can at times be chilly.
How are you supposed to plan around these variable temperatures to build a quality, fun space that you can use year-round?
Fortunately, with a little bit of proper planning, you can have the backyard living experience in Arizona that you want. Just make sure to follow these 3 tips:

  1. Focus on your necessities. If it’s more important to you to have a pool instead of a fireplace, for example, make sure you invest the time and money into that goal. Not every family wants the same things with their backyard experiences, so it’s best to stay true to your desires instead of someone else’s (no matter how cool your neighbors’ fireplace may look).
  2. Work in year-round options. Say for example you want to have a hot tub installed in your back yard.  Make sure your outdoor living space is well-shaded and possibly even surrounded with misters which can cool your area up to 30 degrees in the summer, so that you can enjoy your backyard all year long.
  3. Keep in mind cost-to-use ratios. Some people would like to have it all in their backyard, and while that’s great, it’s always good to keep in mind the things you’ll really end up using over others.  Make sure you invest your money where you know you’ll get the most benefit out of it. A swimming pool is very costly; especially considering it only gets used a few months during the year. Monthly water, chemicals, electricity, and repair costs add up fast.

Backyard living in Arizona doesn’t have to be a pain to plan. Keeping these 3 tips in mind will help you plan your outdoor space efficiently, and will get you the most reward for your money.

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