The Elegance of Modern Fire Pits

It used to be a rustic amenity, the fire pit. Complete with logs around a circle, the accompanying smoky smell, and the warmth emanating from the flames casting that familiar light on the group of friends or family members huddled around. Usually this experience is relegated to a site in the woods or mountains during a camping adventure. At Imagine Backyard Living, this notion of enjoying a fire pit has drastically changed and stepped up its style game. Now it’s a luxurious component the perfect outdoor lifestyle!
Today there are a variety of beautiful yet functional outdoor fireplaces and pits that seamlessly blend into a well-designed and landscaped backyard. As a touch of elegance and functionality, these contemporary fire pits provide a new classy way to enjoy the many benefits of an open flame without the hubbub of camping.
With state-of-the-art technology that comes in a variety of accommodating options several examples of these include:

  • Linear Fire Pit Tables
    These sleek and modern looking tables offer the benefits of a fire pit at a coffee table height to accommodate seated guests. Available in a variety of materials like granite, stucco, Supercast and more with stainless steel burners and elegant glass safety guards, these fine art fire pits are the perfect feature to gather around.
  • Square/Rectangle Fire Pit Tables
    Similar to the linear tables mentioned above, these classic designs combine stone and fire together into a timeless amenity available in square and rectangle options to fit your space.
  • Round Fire Pit Tables
    A riff on the old campground fire, these elevated round fire pit tables can be customized to match the aesthetics of your outdoor living environment. As an excellent shape to entertain company, round fire pit tables fit nicely into nooks in your yard to bring warmth and atmospheric light to your outdoor living.

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