Indoor and Outdoor Infrared Saunas

Jacuzzi® Infrared Saunas are increasingly popular in the health and wellness community.

Jacuzzi® Infrared Saunas

Why Jacuzzi® Infrared Saunas?

Build with a luxurious and relaxing experience in mind, there are so many benefits of Jacuzzi® Infrared Saunas. With over 60 years of experience, the Jacuzzi Brand undoubtedly leads the industry in style, innovation and cutting-edge technology.

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Jacuzzi Infrared Saunas in Arizona
Indoor Jacuzzi infrared saunas installed in a modern bathroom.

Features of Jacuzzi® Infrared Saunas

  • TrueWave™ Infrared Heater Technology
  • Low EMF/ELF Technology
  • Premium Craftsmanship
  • Quick and Simple Assembly
  • Indoor and Outdoor Options
  • LED Illumination for Chromotherapy
  • Cedar and Basswood Options
  • Comfortable Ergonomic Seats
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