Why You Should Cook Outdoors

At sunset, under the stars, with the full moon, or in the sun, cooking outdoors is just different from cooking in an inside kitchen. The trend towards building outdoor kitchens is on the rise and at Imagine Backyard Living, we couldn’t agree more with the ability to cook a gourmet course in a beautiful outdoor environment. Several key elements to incorporate in a well-designed and thoughtful outdoor kitchen are as follows:

  • Grill Area: Whether gas or lump charcoal, the grilling area is key in cooking outdoor vegetables and meat. Plus, don’t you think food tastes better if it is cooked outside?
  • Counter Space: Enough counter space to function for gatherings is helpful when serving up large outdoor spreads of food or entertaining guests. From open-air islands to seated, built-in bar areas, wherever you cook, space is a necessity!
  • Looking Up: Covered patio kitchens are great ways to ensure that you have a usable space regardless of the weather. By going with some type of roof, your outdoor kitchen can provide a sheltered environment for use year-round.
  • Ambiance: One way to add ambiance to your outdoor oasis is through lighting. There are many different options to mix together for a well-lit yet soft backyard space. From overhead to pathway lighting, proper lighting in your outdoor kitchen will lend warm and inviting air to your space.

Cooking outdoors is a great way to help you establish a connection with a peaceful and rejuvenating backyard space while enjoying the luxury of being in your own private oasis in a natural environment!

Visit our showroom for examples of how Imagine Backyard Living can create custom builds or fabulous outdoor kitchens for all of your needs.

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