Buyers Beware of Fake Hot Tub & Swim Spa Expos in Arizona!

Have you heard about home and backyard expos?

Don’t be fooled by urgent TV ads promoting an expo with “major brands.” It’s often one small dealer that carries a few off-brands. The high-pressure environment is not a good place to buy a big-ticket item like a hot tub or swim spa. The nightmares that can go with that are well documented.

Instead, take your time and be careful when investing thousands of dollars in your health & wellness. Here are some tips for shopping for a hot tub or swim spa.

Do Your Research

Whether you choose to buy from expos or a store, make sure you research the products and the dealer, as this is an expensive and long-term investment. Spend some time online looking for reviews on both the brand and the dealer. Ask the dealer for customer references and if they have their own in-house service department with factory-trained and certified technicians.

Many companies use outside companies to service their spas which will lead to frustration and delays when you need service.  Visit their showroom so you can see if they are for real. Meet the owners and other management you will be working with.

Learn about the backgrounds of the people working for the company. Visit the Better Business Bureau or search social media for reviews about the brand and the dealer.

Don’t Be in a Hurry

The pandemic has created unprecedented lead times for hot tubs and swim spas – in some cases, over a year. Even if you find a tub you like, don’t rush into signing a contract until you know for sure if and when it will be available.

The time constraints and high-pressure tactics that are typical in a fake expo can lead to impulse purchases and deep regrets, especially with lesser-known brands or dealers that will tell you what you want to hear to get the sale.

There are many instances where customers sign contracts that don’t allow them to cancel, even if the spa they chose isn’t available when promised. It’s best not to sign any contracts or make a down payment until you have done full research.

A reputable dealer will want you to take your time to make the right decision and will be happy to reconnect later once you’ve done your research. If you do decide to make a deposit, make sure to get a full refund clause in writing and use a credit card so you can dispute the charge when they try to give you a hard time.

Always Look For Reputable Brands

Because there can be so many products on display at these backyard expos, it’s easy to get sucked into the excitement.

The professional salesman from an expo will try to pressure you to buy and confuse you with fancy “under the cabinet” chatter and talk about the number of jets and unrealistic high horsepower pumps.

The fact is good hydrotherapy experience IS NOT about high horsepower pumps and lots of jets! It’s about the placement of those jets and the technology developed to provide maximum hydrotherapy.

In fact, too many jets and high horsepower pumps will create an uncomfortable soaking experience, create long-term service issues and drive up energy costs. There is no way a 4 or 5 horsepower pump makes any sense in a hot tub-it would blow the jets out of the wall.

You won’t find reputable brands like Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs, Sundance® Spas, and Hydropool® Swim Spas putting on fake “expos” at they don’t allow these high-pressure sales tactics.

If you don’t see these trusted brands, just treat the visit as a chance to get a sense of the size and seating arrangement that might be best for you. Then go home and do more in-depth research online about what’s out there.

Don’t Be Pressured To Buy From Backyard Expos

Purchasing a hot tub or swim spa is a big decision and a long-term investment. Choosing the best tub for you is about your well-being and quality of life, and that’s not something you should be pressured into by a professional salesman from any of the local expos that might come to your town.

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