How Hot Water Heals Your Body

Life is full of aches and pains. Working long hours at a computer and straining your neck and back, uncomfortable sleeping positions, sore muscles from rigorous workouts, and accidental injuries are all very common reasons why we experience discomfort. When it comes to healing, hot water may actually hold the key to speeding recovery, soothing sore bodies, and enhancing your quality of life.

Recently, new information about the benefits of spa ownership has come to light. Hot water immersion is becoming generally accepted as a new critical component to help heal aches and pains. Here’s how it works:

Boosting Blood Flow
Submerging oneself in a warm hut tub can help promote healing by boosting circulation. With the increased flow of blood, more nutrients are available to circulate through your system to help cells regenerate. This can speed the healing process significantly and reduce that sore achy feeling that stems from muscle fatigue and overuse. Increased circulation also helps your body process toxins that build up in muscle tissue more quickly, preventing longer-term sensations of soreness and pain.

Feel the Pressure
The pressure of the hydro-therapy jetting systems that comes from a good soak in a hot tub helps reduce swelling and can alleviate pain in stiff joints, muscles, or injuries.

Not only does water provide a buoyancy that can help you feel lighter and freer, but this reduction of gravity can also provide the perfect environment for your joints to take a break. In addition, warm water can provide the right nurturing conditions for you to work on increasing your range of motion, flexibility, and a host of other exercises when recovering from injury.

Pain Reliever
Taking a good soak can also reduce pain, stress, and help hit the reset button to help you prepare to take on more of life’s challenges. This unique healing environment of warm water is key to taking a moment to pause, reflect, and enjoy!

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