Why and How to Replace Your Pool with a Hydropool Swim Spa

A lot of pool owners think they’re making the right decision when they purchase a pool and get it installed, but after a few months, they realize maintaining a pool is way more costly than they initially realized. Add on to the fact that pools can’t be used year-round (unless they’re heated, which is yet another big cost), and they become far less appealing than they appear.
So if you’re in this situation, what are you supposed to do? Rip the pool out and fill everything in with dirt?
That’s not an idea you have to entertain, not when you still want the option of having a water feature like a hot tub or spa in your backyard. Instead, why not consider replacing your pool with a Hydropool swim spa?
Hydropool swim spas are uniquely suited to replacing your pool because they are larger than a typical hot tub or spa, and can be sunk into the ground, dropped right into the remodeled hole your pool left as soon as it’s removed. And whereas full pools cost hundreds of dollars to maintain a month, swim spas are significantly cheaper. You’ll only be looking at an average of $15-20 per month for the electrical usage. The water usage will obviously be far less in volume, as well, and maintenance will take less time because the swim spa is smaller than a pool. Overall, you could be saving yourself a hundred dollars or more a month on a swim spa that you can use year-round. 20 minutes of exercise and 10 minutes in front of the therapy jets everyday in your HydroPool will make you wonder why you waited so long.
Additionally, when you replace your un-used pool with a Hydropool swim spa, you’ll be doing the environment a favor as you save money. When purchasing a Hydropool, you’ll be supporting the company’s Evergreen Initiative, a carbon-offsetting program which uses lean manufacturing processes to ensure your spa has a carbon-free footprint (the only carbon-free spa in the world!). The swim spas also come with the company’s double-thermal shield system to improve heating efficiency, and its self-cleaning system which provides energy efficient water filtration.
Saving money, being able to use your swim spa year-round, and improving the environment all at the same time is a deal you simply can’t pass up. Stop into the Imagine Backyard Showroom today so we can set you up with our partner Creative Environments for a free design consultation; they’ll be able to start planning out your pool space’s remodeling and your swim spa’s installation so you can start enjoying all its amazing benefits.

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