The Swim Spa Explained

Swim spas, you might have heard of them already but have yet to see one in action. How could you possibly have a spa that you can swim in? Well believe it or not folks, they are real and they are also really cool!
Swim spas have been around for a few years but more often than not they have been used in professional sport or rehab facilities for training and therapeutical applications. As modern American culture has become more committed to exercise and general physical health, swim spas, and their features are stepping into the limelight with a significant rise in consumer demand.

About the Swim Spa

A swim spa is basically a large, rectangular spa that generates a continuous current in one direction so that you can swim in place. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes that can be installed above ground or in-ground in fiberglass or acrylic finishes, they also double as normal spas and come with your usual array of jets, heaters, and seating options for when you just want to relax.
Swim spas are perfect for homeowners with limited available building space that want a pool primarily for exercise purposes. They are great for senior citizens who adhere to the American Heart Association’s recommendation of 30-40 minutes of exercise per day but can not comfortably engage in walking or running activities due to joint and muscle issues.
If you are in the market for a pool but are not quite sold on the never-ending expense and commitment to the space and maintenance of a standard pool set-up, come into our showroom, and let’s have a chat about a swim spa. It might be the perfect option for you.

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