18 Spa Gift Ideas For The Spa or Sauna Owner In Your Life

If you have a spa or sauna owner in your life, you know how passionate they are about the spa-sauna experience.

So what better spa gift could you give that someone than something that makes their experience that much more enjoyable?

18 Best Spa Gift Ideas For The Special Spa or Sauna Owner In Your Life

We’ve put together a list of 20 spa gift ideas for that special someone – items that will bring a smile to their face and a little more pleasure to their spa and sauna experience.

Take a look, get inspired, and give the gift of relaxation.

Category: Comfort

Comfort is probably the number one most important consideration when you are buying that perfect spa gift for a spa or sauna owner. After all, this is someone who has gone out of their way to invest in comfort and relaxation, so you already know that they have set the bar relatively high when it comes to feeling good.

One important thing to keep in mind: don’t be intimidated about trying to give the gift of their relaxation—in this situation, the best intentions have the very best outcomes.

1. Linens

Robes are a wonderful gift idea, not only because of the variety of fabrics in which they can be found but because, if you are in the mood, you can personalize it with a name, a monogram, or even a crest. Robes come in more varieties than you might expect—classic with two pockets and a belt, hooded, kimono– and the textures are varied—terrycloth, waffle cloth, microfiber, and on and on—you can get dizzy from all the possibilities and combinations. Comfort is key—and it’s the thought that counts. Something soft and warm will always be appreciated.

Towels are also an excellent gift idea. No spa or sauna owner will ever have enough comfortable, stylish towels. Like robes, towels come in a variety of fabrics and colors—here is where you have to make that important choice—as well as sizes.

And like robes, you can always add some embroidery to make them even more luxurious. But know that the thought of a soft towel in the sauna or as you emerge from the spa is always a happy thing and the perfect cap for a relaxing time.

2. Essential Oil Diffuser

Give the gift of aromatherapy with an essential oil diffuser. Nothing envelopes the relaxing spa experience like the perfect scent. Essential oil diffusers come in a variety of styles, from electric to classic candle-powered. The added decoration is sure to be appreciated. Or…

If that special someone already has their diffuser, you can get them a gift basket of essential oils. Some of the relaxing scents you may want to consider include jasmine, eucalyptus, lemon, and lavender, but the list goes on. Variety baskets are the best way to offer lots of fun choices.

They can place it in their bathroom, bedroom, living space, or wellness area – to continue the relaxation long after they have exited their spa or sauna!

It must be noted that essential oils should never be used directly within a spa or sauna. If you wish to help your friend bring aromatherapy to their hot tub or swim spa, you can shop from a wide selection of spa-friendly aromatherapy products that won’t harm the water chemistry or overall system.

3. Skincare Products

One of the big benefits of relaxing in a sauna is the wonderful effect it can have on your skin. So, one of the perfect gifts you can give to your sauna enthusiast is quality skincare products. From face cleansers to body lotions to eye masks, a gift basket of skincare will help with post-sauna skin care.

If your sauna lover doesn’t have a spa (yet!), consider adding to the basket items that they can use post-sauna to make the bathtub a more relaxing, spa-like experience: bath bombs, scented Epson salts, bubble bath, and loofah sponges. Add a couple of incredibly soft face cloths, and the basket is complete.

Just remember, it’s always wise to be sure to check discretely if the gift recipient has any allergies to product contents.

4. Pillows, Cushions, and Backrests

It is hard to imagine, but occasionally the spa and sauna experience could use even more comfort. Consider the gift of pillows and backrests. Something stylish and designed for use specifically for saunas or spas add to the overall enjoyment of the experience.

If your spa lover has back issues, for example, consider an orthopedic backrest that offers additional lumbar support for greater comfort. Plus, a set of new cushions adds a more luxurious tone to any sauna.

Category: Décor

Nothing makes the sauna or spa area more of a place of peace or entertainment than the proper décor. The opportunity to help turn the spa/sauna area into a special retreat is always appreciated.

These gifts are perfect for someone who might be missing or have overlooked some of the wonderful things that will make their experience even better:

5. Towel Rack

No one wants to leave their towel tossed in a chair or, worse, lying on the ground. A towel rack keeps everything neat, clean, and close at hand. You can find wonderful designs in cedar, or if you want to go even more luxurious, give the gift of a heated towel rack.

6. Trays and caddies

So often, in a spa or sauna, you’ll have a refreshment or a book, and you’ll have no place to rest it. Decorative trays and caddies are the perfect chance to give that present that always comes in handy.

7. Wall-mounted sand timer

Is there a more relaxing way to keep time than a sand timer? Maybe a sundial. But with a nice sand timer, spa and sauna goers can keep track of time without the anxiety of a clock. And a wall mount can add a touch of the exotic to the spa area.

8. Plants

Plants are a wonderful spa gift for the right person. Nothing adds a more decorative, peaceful touch than the proper plants. But there are a few things of which you should be aware before you go plant shopping. First, where are the plants going to live? Indoors or outdoors?

Next, are the plants flowering, and if so, does the gift recipient have any allergies (there is nothing worse than giving the gift of hay fever).

Lastly, is the recipient someone who will tend to the plants and water them when necessary? If not, why not go for plastic plants? Spend a little extra, and a plastic palm is almost indistinguishable from a real one. And the effect turns a spa area into an oasis.

9. Spa or Patio Umbrella

For those days when the sun is a little too strong, but nothing is going to keep you from spa time, a spa or patio umbrella is the perfect addition. It’s also perfect for protection from rain and snow. The weather will not stop quality relaxation time.

10. Floating Lights

Floating lights are perfect for that spa owner who loves soaking in the evening. If they enjoy entertaining, or if the kids are the ones taking up the evening spa time, you can find floating figures—ducks and frogs, for example– that light up the night and add to the scene.

Category: Entertainment

Even the most solitary spa owner occasionally has the urge to entertain—or just enjoy the entertainment all by themselves. These spa gifts are perfect for making the spa party relaxing and enjoyable.

11. Waterproof Playing Cards

Even in the best of circumstances, using caddies or the deck around the spa, a deck of playing cards will get wet. So, water-proof playing cards are the perfect game to have sitting by the spa.

Also, note that many game manufacturers have are one step ahead of you and have designed waterproof versions of their games for situations just like this. You can help start a spa-game area.

12. Water-Resistant Tablet Case

Like playing cards, even in the best of circumstances, when you are as cautious as possible, using a tablet in the spa is sadness waiting to happen. A waterproof or water-resistant tablet case is perfect for that someone who wants to relax in the water but still wants to surf the web.

13. Floating Snack Bar

A floating snack bar is a perfect spa gift for the spa-lover who enjoys entertaining guests. Simple and effective, the snack bar can add an entertaining element to any spa, with cup holders for drinks and tray areas for snacks. The bar is also a centerpiece to bring together the group in conversation.

14. Music Sound System

Another great idea for the spa owner who loves the perfect mood is a sound system. A music system and speakers wrap the spa area in comfort as easily as a big fluffy towel. Or…

15. TV or Projector

Take the entertainment idea one step further and give the gift of a TV for the spa area. If you can’t imagine the room for a TV, consider a projector—far easier to move around and the screen can be easily removed when not in use. Entertaining in the spa for movie night—who wouldn’t love that?

16. Mini Fridge

Even the best host doesn’t want to keep getting out of the spa to run inside to the refrigerator. So, get that great host an outdoor mini fridge that they can keep stocked with their drinks of choice. Easy to clean and extremely convenient, now no one will have to get of the spa for the next round.

Do you like the idea but want to try something a little more simple? How about an LED bottle chiller. A bottle chiller will keep your beverages cold and have the added design bonus of LED lights to help decorate the spa area. Some bottle chillers make things even easier by being solar-powered, so you never have to worry about recharging.

Category: Maintenance

It might not seem like the most celebratory spa gift, but buying a spa or sauna owner additional maintenance tools tells them that they are seen: you know their passion, and you want to help. And the proper maintenance tools can only go further in making their experience more enjoyable—and that’s always appreciated.

17. Handrails or Steps

Handrails or steps are the gifts of safety and security. The perfect design and construction can allow for an entry/exit point for the spa, making coming and going that much easier, while adding a stylish design line to the spa’s appearance.

18. Hot Tub Cover Lift

This is truly the considerate gift of convenience. Could you imagine enjoying your relaxing spa time, and then struggling with the hot tub cover to get it back in place? Most hot tub covers are so cumbersome that require two people to lift them off or put them back on.

A cover lift allows the job to be done quickly and easily by one person. Yes, it might seem like maintenance, but really, this is the spa gift of comfort and caring.

Finding the Right Spa Gift

There are so many other wonderful spa gift ideas for your spa and sauna owner, from water coolers, to hammocks, to sound effects machines (to add that gentle sound of a seascape or mountain top) to small mediation areas if they enjoy mediation as part of their relaxation process.

The most important thing to remember is that you are helping them to invest in themselves. You are offering an opportunity for them to gain more peace and pleasure from something that they already love. And that is truly a spa gift that says you care.

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