How to Deep Clean Your Hot Tub Cover

The fall is a perfect time to do a deep clean on your hot tub cover. A good cover can last the life of your tub and when used correctly can protect your water from dirt, grime, and any other organic material that can throw off the chemical balance or result in ugly stains. Follow these steps to have your vinyl cover looking brand new:

Cleaning the Vinyl Cover
Move the cover to a clean flat surface near a water hose and rinse it completely with cool water using your hand or a microfiber towel to remove any dirt or grime. Use a natural dish detergent or cleaning spray and a non-abrasive sponge to lift any difficult stains. Never use a coarse sponge or steel wool as they can damage the vinyl topcoat and allow future dirt or stains to set in more permanently. After any soap is rinsed off and you have dried the cover completely with a terry cloth or microfiber towel, apply a vinyl protectant product to coat the cover completely. Make sure to apply the protectant on the underside of the cover as well following the instructions on the bottle. A vinyl protectant is critical to maintaining a guard against damaging UV rays or other environmental contaminants that can age your cover.

Taking care of your vinyl cover will ensure that it lasts as a safeguard for your hot tub. Remember to always remove any accumulated debris from on top of the cover, especially large amounts of water after a heavy rain event. Leaving your cover buried under things like water or leaves will stress the vinyl and can lead to rips and tears that will make upkeep difficult in the long run. Apply 303 Protectant for a great look and to help condition and protect your cover from the elements.

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