10 New Year’s Resolutions For a Healthier You

There’s never a wrong time to take on healthier habits, but the new year is an especially good time to start. Resolutions don’t have to be big to have a major impact on your well-being. In fact, choosing smaller, simpler New Year’s resolutions can set you up for even greater success.

In 2022, we’re more conscious than ever of how important it is to take time for our health. This means choosing resolutions that make you feel better, happier, and healthier in ways that matter most to you.

We hope you enjoy these 10 resolutions and find ways to incorporate them into your life this year.

1. Find a Hobby You Can Do Offline

With so much to do, many people wind up spending any free time they have scrolling on their phones. While social media can be a good place to connect, using it too often can also contribute to more anxiety and depression.

A low mood, lack of excitement, and the “same old, same old” each day can cause you to stop engaging in meaningful activities. This resolution encourages you to start exploring new hobbies for the sake of disconnecting.

Here are some ideas:

  • Practicing yoga or Pilates
  • Strength training or cardio workouts
  • Relax in a hot tub, swim spa, or sauna
  • Painting or drawing (even if you’re “bad” at it)
  • Studying a subject that interests you
  • Reading more books about things you don’t know
  • Taking up photography with a camera instead of your phone
  • Cooking more and building your own collection of recipes

Which hobby will you try?

2. Make Exercise Fun

A lot of people resolve to “workout more” in the new year, but they find themselves struggling to hit the gym. It’s understandable; if exercise isn’t fun, you won’t easily find the motivation to do it. There are a few ways you can try changing up your exercise routine to make it feel more engaging.

For starters, think about what you like to do. Maybe you aren’t a fan of using the treadmill or jogging. That’s fine! Try a dance party for one instead. If you are trying to build up conditioning, look for sitting exercises or fitness challenges you can try.

The secret to an enjoyable workout routine is variety. Find a handful of fitness activities you enjoy and mix them up throughout the week.

Signing up for online classes can also be a good motivator. The encouragement and energy of an upbeat instructor who’s truly passionate about what they’re doing is contagious.

Exercising in a Swim Spa

Have you considered taking your next workout to the swim spa? This comfortable and low-impact environment can create the perfect opportunity for some effective exercise.

Not only does the buoyancy help to create a more comfortable environment for exercise by lifting pressure, but the resistance of the water can actually provide you with more resistance to work against – resulting in a more effective workout!

3. Upgrade Your Diet

You may already eat fruits and vegetables, but are they more like an afterthought than a main course? There are so many ways to prepare healthy, plant-based meals bursting with flavor.

Explore different types of produce, prepare recipes from different cultures and challenge yourself to make two-thirds of your dinner plate vegetables and healthy grains.

Swap out junk food snacks with equally crunchy and tasty alternatives; carrot sticks, cucumbers, and apples are all dippable, delicious finger foods you can munch on when you’re feeling peckish.

4. Soak in a Hot Tub

Schedule some “me time” to unwind and relax in your own hot tub. Nothing beats the feeling of muscle tension melting away as you sink into the warm water. A hot tub is the best way to experience healing through hydrotherapy.

From less stress and anxiety to better heart health, hydrotherapy is a form of self-care that’s worth prioritizing this year. As water takes away pressure on joints and muscles, massaging jets work out the stress and tension you carry throughout the day.

The end result? Feeling more energized, refreshed, and relaxed all day long.

5. Drink More Water

Coffee and tea are great, but they can also become defaults over much-needed H20. Set reminders on your phone to make sure you’re getting enough pure water throughout the day. Even if you’re hydrated through other beverages, they can never compare to the health benefits of enough water.

Drinking more water can help you sleep better, improve mental health, increase energy levels, and enhance cognitive function. If plain water feels a bit too dull, try adding some fresh lemon, oranges, cucumbers, or strawberries to your glass.

6. Make Sleep a Priority

Losing sleep for work, stress, or simply scrolling on your phone does far more harm than good. Stress and anxiety can make you experience less of the deep, restorative sleep your body needs to feel its best.

You may decide to address underlying issues or start practicing a healthier sleep routine. This resolution could include turning off your phone an hour before you lie down, soaking in a hot tub to unwind, or practicing bedtime yoga to soothe and loosen any tight muscles.

7. Spend Time Outdoors in Your Own Backyard Oasis

You don’t have to travel to immerse yourself in nature. By turning your backyard into your own private sanctuary, you can soak up the sun and connect with the world without leaving home. Backyards can be customized to suit your dream lifestyle with a variety of furnishings and new features.

If you like to spend time with friends and family over good food, why not look into building a backyard kitchen? If you prefer to go solo in your downtime, then a hot tub surrounded by beautiful landscaping is a great option!

8. Revamp Your Budget

Savings help you lower stress and feel more in control of life, but it can be a double-edged sword. If your current strategy causes more stress, then it’s important to address your demands and figure out how you could create more flexibility in your budget.

If you struggle to put money away, consider making plans for larger investments that encourage you to pass up smaller purchases. You can find yourself more motivated to save if you are working toward a goal.

Buying material goods is only one part of the picture, too. You could find that saving for something that will promote greater fitness, health, and self-care is a better focus for your money mindset.

9. Connect With People You Love

Social support is important for mental health and physical well-being. People who are close to others are at a lower risk of developing chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease. As busy as life can be, you still need to spend time with people you love.

Arrange weekend dinners, have movie nights, play board games, and create spaces where everyone can gather and enjoy one another’s company.

10. Listen to Your Body More

Do you carry stress in your shoulders? Are you constantly plagued by a tense neck or sore muscles? Your body sends you messages every day through physical feelings.

Take time to slow down and really listen to the signals you’re receiving; it can help you take the right steps toward choosing better activities that nourish your health and wellness.

A New Opportunity to Take Care of You

Make this the year you prioritize self-care and create healthy resolutions that support your unique version of wellness. If creating a space to pamper yourself includes a hot tub or backyard renovation, we can help.

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