New Year’s Resolutions for your Backyard

Rather than making resolutions for yourself that you are unlikely to keep, consider making resolutions on behalf of your backyard that will help you enjoy the outdoor areas of your home throughout the entirety of 2017 and beyond.
Resolution #1 – Take Over Part of the Garden
Even if you pay a service to maintain your landscaping, carve out a small section of your yard to cultivate a personal garden. Gardening is a fantastic way to stimulate both your body and your mind and it will give you a reason to interact closely with your backyard in ways that you might have never considered.
Resolution #2 – Entertain More!!!
In 2017, don’t just keep the beauty of your backyard to yourself. Put a couple of outdoor parties on your calendar and go ahead and send out the invites so there is no going back on it. Guests love backyard shindigs and by incorporating seasonally appropriate themes, you will keep your friends and family talking about their fun experiences for the entire year.
Resolution #3 – Make a Change
If there is a part of your backyard that has bothered you for years, make this the year that you upgrade it. Maybe it’s that dying space grass that the dog uses, or that overgrown garden bed that has not been cleaned out and replanted in years. In 2017, stop ignoring those pesky backyard problems and either come up with a solution yourself, or find a qualified professional to help you do it. (Hint: we are waiting!)
Resolution #4 – Get a Hot Tub!!!
If you do not already have one, resolution #4 is absolutely for you, and we are not just saying that because we are in the business. Hot tubs are wonderful additions to any home and will change your life. They do not take up a ton of space and also don’t require a complicated construction projects to install. Plus, they are a great way to help check off a few of those other New Year’s Resolutions like improving mental and physical wellness and living with less stress.

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