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Since 1979, Sundance provides unparalleled engineering, craftsmanship, performance and value from a brand you can trust.

The Sundance® Spa Difference

Sundance® Spas has become one of the top spa manufacturers in the world, thanks to more than 35 years of innovative engineering. Discover the health and wellness benefits of hydrotherapy with patented jet technology that delivers an amazing massage for ultimate relaxation, pain and stress relief. Sundance® Spas include advanced features like high-performance filtration and water purification systems, energy-efficient settings, cutting-edge control systems and more!

Price Range
Price Range

Get In Touch

Contact us for more information and to discuss your backyard ideas and specific needs or stop by any time to visit to our one-of-a-kind showroom! We’re open seven days a week.

Lifestyle and Health Benefits

Sundance® Spas deliver unparalleled health and wellness benefits courtesy of a water-based therapeutic technique known as hydrotherapy. Let your stress melt away as the warm water and jet-powered massage cradle you into ultimate relaxation that can help improve your overall quality of life.

Spa Service

To ensure that your spa remains at peak performance, regular service and maintenance is recommended. Imagine Backyard Living technicians trained, authorized and certified in all areas of caring for your Sundance® Spa.

Finance Your Spa

At Imagine Backyard Living, we believe everyone should have a chance to enjoy the benefits of spa ownership. We offer a range of financing options to help suit a variety of budgets and financial situations.

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