The Incredible Hot Tub Features in Sundance® Spas

The Sundance® Spas brand is known and respected throughout the hot tub industry.

This excellent reputation is built on a number of innovations. From durable materials to luxurious hot tub features that complete each spa.

In this article, we take a closer look at the hot tub features of Sundance® Spas. Find out what makes them so desirable.

Sundance® Spas Hot Tub Features Explained

Hydrotherapy Jets

Powerful and gentle, Sundance® Spas jets are designed to help improve your health.

  • Ease your muscle tension
  • Soothe sore joints
  • Improve balance, flexibility and mobility
  • Sleep better
  • Reduce stress
  • Evoke the other wonderful health benefits of hydrotherapy

The jets are strategically placed through each spa. So they can target some of the most stress-prone areas of the body. Each jet delivers the perfect combination of air and water. Forget worrying about itchy or stinging sensations from a jet that is too direct.

Soothing Waterfalls

What is more soothing than the sounds of nature? Especially when that includes running or trickling water! Many of our Sundance® Spas hot tubs for sale come equipped with a built-in waterfall.

Lucky for you, this LED illuminated waterfall can be operated using your SmartTub™ System app or with the touch-screen control panel.

LED Illumination

Sundance® Spas hot tubs are equipped with a variety of both internal and external LED lights. These lights can help to promote safety while in the spa, by helping you see better once the sun goes down.

You can enter, exit and spend time in the spa with confidence, thanks to proper illumination. The internal lights can also be set to different colors. Effectively helping to set the mood, improve the ambiance and help improve your health through chromotherapy.

With LED technology, you can also look forward to longer-lasting lights and lower operational costs.

The SmartTub™ System

Control the features of your hot tub, monitor the safety and operation, and access a variety of helpful information. All from an app on your smartphone.

The SmartTub™ System app is available for both Apple and Android devices and can be connected to your Sundance® Spas hot tub in a few simple steps.

Whether you forgot to turn down the temperature before heading away on vacation or simply want to get it ready for use while on your way home from work. The SmartTub™ System can help you to enjoy your spa in many ways.

Better yet, the app can also alert you when it’s time for service or if it is in need of maintenance. Access a variety of guides and other support resources when you have a question or concern, connect with an expert.

Energy Efficiency

Sundance® Spas use two types of foam to provide full-foam insulation, completely filling the compartment between the shell and the skirt, and helping to maintain water temperature. The equipment bay is surrounded by high-density, heat-resistant foam; elsewhere, lighter foam provides insulation.

Sundance® Spas’ Rigid Bond™ hot tub shells, combined with our excellent insulation system, provide superior performance, durability, and energy efficiency. The Sundance Heater employs a titanium coil that directly heats the water, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Titanium prohibits heater corrosion and nearly eliminates failure.

Ergonomic Seats

Enjoy your hot tub soak from the comfort of the ergonomic seats. The seats are designed to evenly distribute your body weight and support your body. Finally let go of your stress and tension, to finally relax.

Not to mention that each spa sports a variety of seats, so you can find the one that works best for you.

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