How to Pick Outdoor Cushions and Pillows for Your Patio Furniture

When you invest in some backyard or patio furniture, you’ll need to select the style and pattern of fabric that goes on the cushions and pillows.
But how are you supposed to pick when there are so many options available?
Being able to design the look of your backyard furniture is challenging, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are four tips to help guide you when you’re looking to choose a style you’ll love for years to come:

  1. Let your surroundings guide your choice. What do you have in your backyard currently? Do you have a swim spa or a pool? How big is your space? What kinds of plants are there? How do you spend your time in your backyard? Take a moment to look at your backyard and get a feel for the mood or vibe it has, and how you can enhance it by selecting coordinating cushions and pillows. For example, if you’d like to contrast the stone around your spa or kitchenette, consider solid colors in bright shades to liven up the area.
  2. Decide on a theme you’ll love looking at. Steer clear of buying what’s “hot” and focus on what you can use and enjoy for a while. You want cushion and pillow styles that you won’t have to replace every single season. Think about some themes or styles you love and won’t get sick of within a year or two; maybe you love the chic Moroccan-inspired patterns or adore the classic nautical theme. Even if what you love is what’s “in” right now, invest in what you would love seeing and relaxing in every time you go into your backyard.
  3. Choose styles you want to emulate MORE. This is in direct contrast to tip #1, and trails on the idea from tip #2. It’s exactly what you should do if you’re undergoing a re-design of your backyard, because when you’re changing things up, you should be picking cushion and pillow styles for your backyard furniture that will help create that new feeling you’re aiming for. It’ll help you envision the final space more accurately, too.
  4. Finally, make sure it’s comfortable. You are creating a area of your home that can be used everyday so be sure you pick pieces that you will enjoy lounging in, dining on, and entertaining with.

Exterior design can be just as thrilling as the kind you do indoors, and can have a massive impact on the way your backyard looks and feels when you have friends over or celebrate a birthday. By following these four tips, you’ll be sure to pick the pattern and style of cushions and pillows that will compliment your backyard space and make it feel like home.
What is the style of cushion and pillow you’re thinking of getting for your backyard furniture set? Let us know in the comments!

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