Preparing Outdoor Environments for Spring

With spring on the horizon, it is the best time of year to start preparing your outdoor environment for the beauty that is the blooming season. With this handy checklist, you can ensure that your garden will look its best come the warmer weather and your space will be ready to entertain:
Early Spring
Now is the time to start checking for signs of new plant growth. Certain plants like forsythia and magnolia require a cutting to help bring out an early dose of color. If you’ve mulched over winter, you should prepare your garden beds by either removing excess winter mulch or working the top layer along with manure or leaf mold into your soil to deliver the right nutrients for happy plants. For fruit trees, try and prune them before their buds break into bloom to ensure a healthy crop this year.
Other tasks to be performed early spring include basic maintenance items like checking and cleaning your deck and patio area and planting this year’s crop of seeds or veggies for starters. It is also recommended to divide perennials to avoid the boom in spring growth and to keep your space under control. If you find anything in need of repair, don’t wait until the busy season, give yourself some leeway and get started now!
Once the weather turns, mid-spring is the right time to build new flower beds and enjoy the variety of spring colors. If you’ve seeded indoors, you can transplant seedlings outside safely now. At Imagine Backyard Living, we love a new application of mulch to help freshen up your yard while giving you that polished look plus it can also prevent weeding come summer.
Late Spring
As your foliage and blooms die back, remove spent blossoms to prevent a backyard mess. You can swap out early bloomers for late spring plants and continue to trim and tend your plants to rejuvenate older plants and maintain a well cared for outdoor environment.
Talk to our professional staff about your needs and let us help guide you in the right direction to perfect your outdoor environment!

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