10 Best Reasons To Buy an Infrared Sauna

The appeal of infrared saunas is obvious to anyone who has ever used one. Saunas are a relaxing and rejuvenating part of the health and wellness routine for many.

They can provide physical and emotional health benefits and are available in a variety of styles for buyers. If you’re currently thinking about purchasing an infrared sauna for your home (and why wouldn’t you), here are a few things that can help you make your choice a little easier.

10 Best Reasons To Buy an Infrared Sauna

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1. Proven and Tested Technology

Though you may be more familiar with other types of saunas, such as wood or electric, infrared saunas have been around for a long time. In fact, one of the first to promote the wider use of infrared saunas and their potential health benefits to users was cereal brand magnate, John Harvey Kellogg, in 1891.

How infrared saunas are different than traditional saunas

Infrared saunas get their power by using different heat delivery technology than those found in traditional sauna types.

Traditional saunas generate abundant heat, enough to warm the air around you. The accumulated heat in these saunas creates a convection oven-like effect. It heats the walls, ceiling, and floor around you to the point that the room’s radiating heat eventually reaches the body, providing relief.

Meanwhile, the infrared sauna system differs by using innovative Far Infrared (FIR) technology. Infrared saunas use an element that radiates heat at a frequency wavelength designed to go directly to the person inside. It heats the body directly without having to heat the room or change the temperature of the air surrounding you.

Many prefer infrared saunas because of this difference. The design of infrared saunas makes it easier for users to control environmental temperature. Because the heat from this technology is calibrated for the body—versus the walls, ceiling, etc.—it doesn’t adversely affect room temperature. This makes it easier to stay in the infrared sauna for longer periods of time than traditional saunas. They’re simply more comfortable for the user in general.

2. Investment in Your Health

Over the years, numerous studies have looked at the potential long-term health benefits of infrared saunas. Some evidence suggests that continual sauna use may help with the overall health of the user. For example, time in an infrared sauna may increase healthy sweating and heart rate, making you feel the benefits, at least temporarily, of a short cardio exercise.

Saunas use has even been linked to longer life in some research. More study needs to be done. But even so, it seems obvious that there are more than a few upsides to sauna use besides the pleasure it brings.

3. Plan At-Home Spa Days

Another reason to love infrared saunas: it makes it easy to have at-home spa days that refresh the way your body looks and feels.

After all, what’s a “spa day” without a little heat? And what better way to get that heat than a quick session in your personal infrared sauna?

Just 15 minutes in the sauna and your body feels cleaner and cooler—your pores are cleansed by radiating heat and sweat. Healthy sweating makes our skin immediately look and feel healthier and clearer. It also makes it easier to slough off old skin, so that new skin cells begin to grow, leading to a potentially clearer complexion. You can then finish your self-care, self-love spa day by moisturizing with your favorite skin and body products.

4. Mental and Emotional Health

Perhaps not surprisingly, long-term use of saunas has been associated with more than physical health. Saunas are good for the soul as well as the body.

Saunas give users an emotional lift, like what one feels after a good workout. This sensation is sometimes referred to as a “runner’s high.” This occurs because sauna use promotes the release of endorphins and other peptides that may give you that euphoric feeling you get after working out: a sense of rest and relaxation, more.

They’re also known for helping decrease feelings of stress and anxiety. Heat not only metaphorically washes your troubles away. It gives a sense of contentment and decreases stress. Spending the evening relaxing in the sauna is the perfect way to rewind after a stressful day or week.

A few studies have even found that sauna use may correlate with a decrease in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, though more research has to be done

5. Better Sleep and Fewer Aches

Regular sauna use has been proven to help individuals with a variety of other ailments, including joint and muscle soreness or pain.

Sauna use is also believed to help with a slew of other issues like sleep problems. It’s believed that the more relaxed the body, the more capable it is of managing pain, of stress. This relief subsequently helps provide better sleep; fewer problems associated with fatigue.

6. Ideal for Weight Management and Detoxification

There’s no easy way to lose weight but infrared saunas may help you fit in those jeans on date night through the loss of a little more than average water weight. That’s because the sweat released by the body during the time in the sauna may help you, temporarily, lose a little weight.

Looking for more permanent weight loss? Sauna use has also been shown to help with increased muscle mass,  which of course will make you more toned. Increased muscle mass also makes it easier for those already on healthy eating and/or workout plan to lose additional weight.

Infrared sauna use also may provide light detoxification through sweat clearing out the body of toxins.

7. Perfect for Entertainment

Having an infrared sauna installed in your home makes your home life more enjoyable, for you, your family, and your guests. Saunas are a terrific way to unwind each day, rejuvenate and lead to an increased sense of wellbeing. It’s also an ideal space to decompress in after gatherings and events, a treat for hosts as well as guests.

8. More Affordable Than Other Options

When it comes to price, infrared saunas can be quite an affordable purchase for homeowners looking to add one to their residence. You can have all the comforts of an in-home infrared sauna, available in a range of different features and prices. They’re also a practical addition that may help you sell your home down the road.

Adding resale value to your home

Adding an infrared sauna doesn’t guarantee that your resale value will increase, but it doesn’t hurt. Don’t forget, that often it’s the home seller’s personal touches that make a property more valuable to an individual buyer. Homes with infrared saunas stand out and could be highly favored by people who are health conscious, who like to work out, yoga enthusiasts, and others.

They also provide additional people who like to entertain. They come in a variety of designs, adding to the home’s visual appeal, and look fantastic in seller ads and photos.

9. Create a Home Gym or Wellness Space

Infrared saunas are a powerful addition to any home gym or wellness space. They’re an important part of the home for health and fitness buffs, as well as for those with common aches and pains, and other physical ailments.

And if anything has been learned over the past couple of years of this pandemic, it’s that people really, really miss the gym, and being active in other ways. Even now that the pandemic has receded, the lessons learned during this time will likely stay with all of us.

They’re perfect after workouts. Nothing relaxes those taut muscles like radiating heat found in the infrared sauna. And because the endocrine system is affected by the sauna it makes good workouts even more pleasurable (runners high.)

10. Low Maintenance Required

Infrared saunas are easier to clean and maintain than other types of saunas on the market. Traditional saunas use wet heat and steam, making the space moist and damp with each use. Ultimately, traditional models are more difficult to clean than infrared saunas because of the way they overheat spaces versus the more focused, radiated heat generated with infrared technology.

Often, cleaning your infrared sauna is as simple as cleaning the bench once a week, using a cloth and warm water. Meanwhile, the rest of the sauna (floors, walls, heater, etc.) can be cleaned on a weekly or even monthly basis.

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There it is:  your ten reasons to buy an infrared sauna. But those are just a few of the many reasons why buying an infrared sauna is a perfect choice for so many.

Whether you’re looking for a way to level up health and fitness, want to relax and recharge, seek a place to gather family and friends, or something else, we have a sauna for you.

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