Cooling Off as the Temperatures Rise

There is no doubt about it, the heat during our Arizona summers can be absolutely brutal. With multiple days in a row hitting triple digits on the thermometers, it’s no wonder that you just want to run for the indoors, blast the air conditioning, and watch a marathon of movies. This season, instead of opting for the usual indoor routine, set yourself up to cool off and enjoy time outdoors regardless of the scorching heat.
Here is how you can make the most of a beautiful and sunny Arizona summer by staying cool in your own backyard:
Mist Systems
Imagine Backyard Living’s premier partner, MistAmerica, is a pioneer in the outdoor cooling field. With quiet high-pressure systems that have become a benchmark design in outdoor temperature control, Mist America’s systems and technology can reduce the temperature of your outdoor space by up to 30 degrees! Imagine your backyard area chilled off with misters so you can enjoy evening meals, entertaining guests, or relaxing and reading a book in your natural backyard habitat.
Shaded Areas
Another great way to capitalize on use of your outside space during the hot season is with a built in shade structure. Whether a covered patio, a pergola, an arbor or other shade scenario, ensuring plenty of shaded space can help keep your backyard cool for use. You can even get creative with landscape design to maximize the space that’s naturally shaded in your yard.
Always important, adding an element of circulation to your patio space can move the air and help keep you comfortable. With a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes to fit your needs, a fan can be an attractive fixture to help you and your family cool off from the heat.

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