Xeriscaping, Desert Landscaping, and More

The rugged Arizona environment provides a variety of visual beauty. From colorful painted sunsets to large expanses of open space full of large and varied cacti, there’s something inherently mystical about our unique landscape. When it comes to pulling the natural beauty of the environment into your urban home landscape design, there are many different desert plants to consider. These desert-hardy low-water-use plants range in color, texture, function, and form to create an attractive and sustainable landscape design that’s easy to maintain.

Xeriscaping is the art of landscaping and gardening with a reduced need for water. In the Valley of the Sun, it’s a very popular option since water is a premium in our harsh environment. Several factors to consider when making plant selections for a xeriscaped or desert-scaped design include:

•         Planning and efficient design

•         Low-water use plants

•         Efficient irrigation

•         Soil improvements and retention

•         Appropriate maintenance

Creating your own desert oasis can not only promote curb appeal for your home but it can also create a lovely relaxing sanctuary for you and your loved ones to enjoy. With a variety of options to pick and choose from, here are a few of the crowd-pleasers when it comes to desert plant life:

  • Bougainvillea – This drought-resistant perennial is a beautiful shrub bush that houses purple-magenta flowers many times throughout the year. With long boughs, bougainvilleas add a touch of softness, wild romance, and color to any desert-scape.
  • Oleander – The oleander is another flowering shrub bush that belongs in the evergreen family. This plant produces clusters of pink, white, or red flowers May through October for an elegant yet easy pop of color. Oleanders are also popular options as dividers or hedges and can even be trained into trees over a course of years.
  • Lantana – Lantanas are easy to care for and can act as excellent ground coverage year round. This small green perennial gives off little yellow flowers that are quick growing and love the full Arizona sun.
  • Pampas Grass – This ornamental grass can add a nice variety to your low-care plant life while lending visual diversity to your yard. With a feathery and wavy look, pampas grass provides a soft, desert appeal while withstanding the warm temperatures of summer and the cool temperatures of a desert winter.
  • Succulents – This large family of plants comes in many sizes and shapes. From large Century agaves to small barrel cacti, the possibility of combinations using succulents is endless. Two of the most popular succulents we see used frequently in landscape design are yuccas and ocotillos. 

At Imagine Backyard Living, we recommend gathering ideas that you like as well as other design inspirations to help you articulate your wants and needs. With our partner Creative Environments Design & Landscape, we specialize in hardscape and landscape design and can help design and build beautiful landscape designs that exceeds your expectations. Contact us or plan a visit to our experiential showroom to get a project started bringing the beauty of the desert into your home.

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