Warm Up Your Season

Take the chill off this season by heating your outdoor environment creatively to prolong the use of your backyard space. There’s nothing cozier than hosting a festive party during this holiday season on a crisp night with your guests gathered around a heated patio or snuggled up next to a beautiful fire pit under the stars to make the most of spending time in your backyard living room.
To help aid in the right climate control, here are tips from the professionals at Imagine Backyard Living to assist you heat things up!
Fire Pit and Places
A warm fire emanates heat while also putting off beautiful ambient light to help set the right mood for any gathering. Whether an intimate setting with a loved one, a small circle of friends and neighbors, or a great big holiday bash, a fire pit or fireplace is the perfect place to gather up and enjoy good conversation and warmth.
Bromic Heating can help you craft a comfortable and suitable environment for any outdoor party. With products designed to specifically enhance the mood and aesthetic design of your backyard space while ensuring the perfect temperature, a wide array of forward thinking products ranging from traditional gas to electric heaters are available to supply your party with performance, design, and service.
Hot Tub & Spa
At Imagine Backyard Living, we specialize in making your outdoor living space luxurious. There’s nothing better than a warm, therapeutic soak in a spa to help take the edge of the winter season, a stressful day or a game of golf or daily exercise routine. By promoting the flow of endorphins to helping reduce stress and anxiety, a hot tub is the perfect place to relax, unwind and connect with family or friends.
This season, step up your outside game with a few helpful sources of heat to enjoy the use of your gorgeous outdoor environment during the winter months. Imagine Backyard Living can help prepare your patio for the perfect party and help bring the magic to your home for the holidays and year round!

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