The Joys of Outdoor Cooking

There are few activities that are as fulfilling as spending a long spring day behind a grill, cooking up a feast for your friends and family. It allows you to use your creativity while enjoying the outdoors in a way that brings joy to those around you. At Imagine Backyard Living, we take this activity very seriously and have been helping people design their ideal outdoor kitchens for quite some time.

While we work with a number of product manufacturers, we are always impressed and astonished by the versatility and attention to detail that the folks at SunFire Grills bring to their line of products. Here are some of our favorite SunFire Grill components that are must-haves for any successful outdoor kitchen.

The 38” Built-In Gas Grill
SunFire specializes in bringing commercial-grade outdoor cooking implements to the common household. While they offer a number of stand-alone and built-in options, the 38” flagship grill is the mother of all outdoor cooking options. Available for both propane and natural gas hookups, the 38” grill has a long cooking surface with sturdy 8mm cooking grates. This grill can handle any size gathering from a simple family dinner to a 25-person backyard soiree.

The Power Burner
No outdoor cooking setup is complete without an accompanying range burner for keeping sides warm or finishing sauces. The SunFire Power Burner creates a whopping 60,000 BTU’s of heating power which can boil 5 gallons of water in less than 6 minutes. The 9mm grates are even heavier than those on the grill and the unit comes with a stainless steel cover for when it is not in use.

Outdoor Refrigeration
It is not enough to have the perfect cooking setup if you have not designed in appropriate refrigeration close at hand. SunFire’s 5.4 cubic foot outdoor rated refrigerator is the perfect option for keeping ingredients cool as they await the grill, or keeping drinks cold to perfectly accompany the food. The sleek stainless steel exterior matches the rest of the SunFire line of grills and other cooking implements and comes with a factory-installed security lock to keep the kids out of the beer.

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