Spa Prep

Opening your spa for the summer? To prep your spa for opening, we recommend:
While we hope you had a good solid cover on your spa all winter, there is invariably some dirt or dust inside the spa, and at worst, potential gunk and residue inside your plumbing that you will want to get rid of before refilling your spa with water. Start by using a mild cleaner to wipe down the inside of the spa thoroughly. Something like diluted Simple Green is a great non-toxic option that does a thorough job of removing dirt or grime. Next, get a plan together to clean out the pipes. It is a good idea to fill a spa that has sat empty for a while, add one of many drain cleaning products that are available on the market, and drain again. This will ensure that any grime that might have collected in your pipes over the winter is flushed and not circulated into your fresh spa water.
Inspecting Equipment
It is critical that you do a thorough inspection of your spa equipment before you even consider turning it back on. Reconnect the pump and heater to your spa plumbing and check for leaks. Carefully inspect your pump and motors for any potential leaks in the shaft seals that can easily be replaced at this stage in the game before you ruin a motor. Pull out your filter and replace it if it looks damaged or frayed. It is a fairly inexpensive part of the spa equipment and translates into crystal clear water when clean and new. It is also a good idea to remove side panels on the spa and check the insulation for mold, water damage, or pests before any issues get too far along.
Take some time to clean and condition you spa cover and to clean and organize the general area around the spa. This is a great time of year to clear out any surrounding clutter and plan for any landscaping or hardscaping renovations that you want to get done before the spring to make your spa area more inviting. Maybe it’s some updated seating, a new grill, or even a mini bar. If you want several great ideas for transforming your spa area, come and visit our showroom or take a look at our virtual tour. We have a wide range of backyard spa setups that are meant to give our clients and guests ideas and inspiration that they can translate into their own dreams.

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