Spa Design Trends 2017

2017 is going to be another fun year for hot tub design! We are most excited about how modern trends are impacting the design of the surrounding areas as a complement to the hot tub itself. Here are a few of the hot trends that we think will make a big splash in the New Year:

Natural Modern

Combinations of natural building materials arranged in clean and geometric designs are going to be a hit in 2017. Think wood look decks accented with natural stone tiles. This trend incorporates smooth, simple colors in no-fuss frameworks to create an inviting spa and relaxing spa areas.

Wall-to-Wall Masonry

This old building material and technique are going to make a comeback in new and interesting ways this next calendar year. Brick masonry work covering all surfaces of a spa area with seams and lines distinguished by slightly changing patterns will bring newfound interest to a classic design feature.

The Classic and Modern Combo

Hot tub design is a great way to take advantage of the stunning juxtaposition that a combination of classic building material and modern technology can provide. With all of the high-tech variations in spa construction available today, choosing to combine them in with classic looking materials like clean pastel ceramic tiles are going to be top of many builders’ to-do lists.
Imagine Backyard Living maintains an up-to-date showroom highlighting a number of hot tub design combinations. If you are ever in the area, stop in for a visit, or go to our webpage for a virtual tour.

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