Soaking in a Spa for Your Health

Setting yourself up for health and wellness success means paying attention to both your mind and body. Nurturing this important relationship can make the world of difference in how you feel about your everyday life. Soaking in a hot tub or spa for a few minutes every day can do wonders to help promote your mind/body connection while reaping the many health benefits they offer.
Several examples of how a daily soak can help you enjoy yourself more include:
Exposure to Warm Water
Water in and of itself can help reinvigorate and refresh your system. When it comes to soaking in a spa, the warm water and exposure to gentle heat perform specific tasks on your body. First, as your body adjusts to the temperature of your spa, your blood flow increases that in turn dilates your blood vessels and subsequently reduces your blood pressure. Your muscles also relax as the heat from the water is carried inwards from your surface muscles delivering therapeutic heat deep inside your body to address aches and pains. Also, your central nervous system eases enabling you to relax and find relief from stress and anxiety in general.
Body Buoyancy
Even in cool water, the human body is more buoyant than on dry land. For warm water, this is also true. When your body weight is aided by floatation while soaking in water, you feel less strain on your joints. This can help ease significant pain in your feet and ankles and other places that bear the brunt of your weight on a daily basis.
Warm water when combined with focused jet streams can address a whole host of muscles and tissues issues in your body. From upper neck and shoulder pain, to lower back and hip pain, soaking in a hot tub can be a daily massage to help release muscle tension, knots, and reduce soreness from activities.
Reduce Stress
It’s a demanding world and with contemporary technology, it seems we are always plugged in and on the go. Taking an intentional soak daily can help diminish the adverse health effects stress can have on the human body including heart disease, cancer, and other serious conditions linked to high stress levels.
Promote Better Sleep
Recent scientific proof exists that raising your body temperature for approximately 15 minutes by taking a hot shower or soaking in a spa can help you sleep more soundly. By learning how to let go, relax, and reset, time spent in a spa is a great way to nurture yourself and improve the quality of not only your sleep but also your life!

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