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  • pH Up

    Spa Up – pH and Alkalinity Increaser


    pH Increaser for hot tubs strongly raises both the pH and Total Alkalinity (TA) of spa water. Reduces corrosion damage to metal parts, pump motors and heaters caused by low pH. Reduces eye irritation caused by low pH. Balanced water can improve the effectiveness of sanitizers.

    Fast-dissolving form for spas
    Strongly raises TA
    Strongly raises pH
    Product notes: Check spa water with test strips to achieve balance. Adjust Total Alkalinity (TA) first, then adjust for proper pH range. Proper TA will buffer pH, preventing pH fluctuations. Contains 100% granular sodium carbonate, pH 13 (also referred to as soda ash — not to be confused with sodium bicarbonate). If your pH is normal or slightly low, and/or you primarily want to raise TA, use Alkalinity Up instead.
    Weight:2 lbs

  • Mineral Harmony Refresh – Non-Chlorine Shock Oxidizer


    Oxy Spa Non-chlorine Oxidizing Shock is the full strength spa and pool MPS shock treatment that acts instantly to rid water of residual soaps, deodorants, oils and organic material build-up. Quickly breaks down contaminants such as perspiration, lotion and cosmetic residue for great water quality. No need to pre-dissolve – use spa immediately after application. Compare to any brand: we guarantee Oxy-Spa to equal or outperform all others! Why? Unlike other brands with fillers, OxySpa has the highest active oxygen level for shocking effectiveness. You cannot buy better monopersulfate compound at any price.

    Odorless in your hot tub or pool
    Highest active oxygen
    Promotes clean & clear hot tub water
    Dissolves immediately – no waiting to use pool or spa
    Best buy – no useless fillers
    Large 2 lb. bottle

  • Spa Defoamer

    Spa Defoamer


    Foam Free instantly brings spa foam down — the fastest and most effective hot tub defoamer you can buy. Use it whenever persistent foam is a problem, and to prevent new bubbles from developing in your spa. Ideal anti-foam solution for swimming pools, ponds & fountains too.

    Instantly brings spa foam down
    Concentrated formula
    16 oz. bottle
    Product notes: Advanced formula helps prevent new foam from forming. Will not harm equipment, clog filters, or affect water balance.

  • Chlorinating Granules


    Spa Sanitizing Granules is sodium dichlor stabilized chlorine for shocking or super-chlorination of hot tub and pool water. Dichlor is also an ideal shock for occasional use with alternative sanitizers. Clears many water problems quickly and unlike other brands, dissolves fast to save time and effort. This maximum-strength dichlor is formulated for hot tubs with no scale forming minerals or insoluble fillers. You cannot buy better dichlor at any price.

    Maximum strength – 99%
    No insoluble fillers
    2 lb. bottle
    Product notes: Active ingredient is sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione dihydrate, 99%. Guaranteed to equal or outperform all other brands — compare to Leisure Time Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules. Pre-dissolve by itself into plastic bucket of water before adding to spa.

  • Spa All Purpose Cleaner

    Spa All Purpose Cleaner


    Clean & Perfect from Natural Chemistry is an ideal indoor/outdoor surface cleaner. SMARTzyme technology is extremely powerful, yet eco-friendly. Removes dirt, soot, mildew residue, waterline rings, leaf stains, dead insects, and all kinds of grime.

    24 oz. Spray Bottle
    Cleans spa covers, steps, BBQ grills, tile
    Eliminates odors
    Product notes: Spray onto surface, let the enzymes work for a few minutes, then wipe clean with Spange Scrubber Sponge or absorbent cloth.

  • bromine

    Sodium Bromide (Bromine Booster)


    Needed when starting up with Bromine, Weight: 1 lb

  • Protect Plus


    Metal Free is a powerfully effective hot tub metal, stain, and scale preventer which clears up and inhibits formation of rusty (iron), green (copper), brown or black (other minerals), or cloudy precipitates in spa water. Helps prevent scale, corrosion, and metallic odor. Most discoloration is from metallic source water impurities or a result of low pH on metal heater parts and equipment. Use Metal Free periodically, and these problems are gone. Essential for well water.

    Powerfully effective
    Non-toxic formula
    Weight: 1lb
    Product notes: 1 bottle treats 625 gallons. Compare to Leisure Time Metal Gon. Metal Free is guaranteed to equal or outperform similar stain and scale products. If using the Cleanwater Blue sanitizer system, use Cleanwater Purge instead of Metal Free.

  • Quick Gloss


    The Sirona Spa Care Quick Gloss is a liquid formula surface cleaner and polish for spas and hot tubs. It’s designed to help spas reach maximum durability, water repellency, and shine for a prolonged lifetime. This product is easy to apply and will not leave behind streaks or smears. The Sirona Spa Care Quick Gloss acts as a protective coating for spa surfaces and is unaffected by sunlight. This product is compatible with all sanitizers including chlorine, bromine, ozone, and biguanide.

    Weight: 1lb

  • Proclear Plus

    ProClear Plus Chemical


    Our all-natural water enhancer simplifies water care while improving sanitizer and CLEARRAY® performance. Strong enough to protect the hot tub shell and equipment yet gentle on your skin, this high-quality formula ensures years of hot tub fun. Leaves hot tub water clean and balanced longer.

  • ProClear mineral

    ProClear mineral pac


    PROCLEAR water is brilliantly clear and soft. An alternative to chlorine when used in combination with MPS. Ends chlorine hassle when used in combination with MPS, and improves water quality. Reduces potential for unpleasant odor and scum lines. Enhanced bather comfort. PROCLEAR can even be used with your ozonator.

  • Natural Spa Water Clarifier

    Natural Spa Water Clarifier


    Sea Klear Spa Natural Clarifier works better and does more than petroleum-based hot tub clarifiers. Patented formula is Eco-Friendly, 100% non-toxic, biodegradable. For all sanitizers and salt systems. Enhances ozone purification and improves performance of mineral systems like Cleanwater Blue, Nature2, Frog, Pool RX, by removing non-essential, stain-causing metals. You cannot buy a better spa water clarifier at any price.

    Clears cloudy water naturally
    Removes scum-forming oils
    Removes stain-causing metals
    Makes filter cleaning easier
    Non-toxic — safe around children & pets
    16 oz. bottle
    Product notes: Use just 1 oz. weekly per 500 gallons. Unlike other products, Sea Klear Natural Clarifier does not interfere with metal ions from mineral sanitizers. Contains no

  • Jacuzzi Proclivity 40 ft Filter

    Jacuzzi® Proclarity 40 ft Filter


    For use with all 2012+ J400 Series

  • Filter Cartridge

    Jacuzzi® 95 sq ft Cartridge (For J280 only)


    For use with 2005+ J270, 2005+ J280, and 2008+ J230

  • ProClear

    Jacuzzi® 60 sq ft Filter Cartridge


    For use with all 2002+ J300 Series

  • Jacuzzi 50 ft Pleated Filter

    Jacuzzi® 50 sq ft Pleated Filter


    For use with 2005-2007 J230's, 2005+ J220s and J210s, 2012+ J245s and J235s, and 2012+ J275s

  • Filter Cleaner

    Filter Cleaner


    Use Power Soak when you need a fast-acting, heavy-duty granular filter cleaner for hot tub spa & pool pleated cartridges. Power Soak Filter Cleaner is the formula recommended by major manufacturers and preferred by professionals. It releases its power when mixed with hot or cold water. Removes lotion residues, body oils, dirt & grime. Improved double-strength formula now also contains enzymes for added cleaning power to devour organic contaminants.

    Very economical: enough for at least 4 filter cleanings
    Non-foaming formula
    1 lb. bottle
    Product notes: Use just 1/2 cup in a 5-gallon bucket of water. Clean hot tub filters with every water change, at least every 3-4 months.

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