Mineral Harmony Refresh – Non-Chlorine Shock Oxidizer


Oxy Spa Non-chlorine Oxidizing Shock is the full strength spa and pool MPS shock treatment that acts instantly to rid water of residual soaps, deodorants, oils and organic material build-up. Quickly breaks down contaminants such as perspiration, lotion and cosmetic residue for great water quality. No need to pre-dissolve – use spa immediately after application. Compare to any brand: we guarantee Oxy-Spa to equal or outperform all others! Why? Unlike other brands with fillers, OxySpa has the highest active oxygen level for shocking effectiveness. You cannot buy better monopersulfate compound at any price.

Odorless in your hot tub or pool
Highest active oxygen
Promotes clean & clear hot tub water
Dissolves immediately – no waiting to use pool or spa
Best buy – no useless fillers
Large 2 lb. bottle

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