Pool Decking: Not Just Plaster Anymore

Just as pools and spas have advanced in both technology and design complexity, so to have the decks that surround them. Gone are the days when the same old plaster or concrete deck threatened to burn your feet and bore you out of your mind. Today, there are a number of deck options available in an almost infinite variety of presentations, and pool designers and pool owners are taking advantage of the many design choices possible. Here are some of the newest material types currently in use.

While wood decks are nothing revolutionary, the resurgence they are experiencing in new pool and spa designs are creating some stunning final products. Beautifully grained hardwood boards can be stained and sealed to create natural and warm-looking decks that can last a lifetime. Even run-of-the-mill pressure-treated pine can be finished to look exquisite and not break the bank. Here is an especially beautiful example of a wooden deck on one of our spa projects that combined a perfectly stained dark finish with boards oriented perpendicular to one another on two levels for a really stunning effect.

Another classic building material that can be refreshed and incorporated into a highly designed exterior deck is plain old brickwork. Very much like wood, well-crafted bricks absorb the elements and generate a character of their own over time. Being perfectly geometric building material also means they can be manipulated into any number of patterns with unique effects. The picture below is of another spa project that actually puts together both wood and brick decking for a stark contrast.

Natural Stone
Stone is another timeless building material being used in some very creative ways. From a sustainable building perspective, it can often be sourced from local or regional processors, and it is a great material to use if you are interested in blending your deck into the natural surroundings in your neighborhood or city. We had success combining both natural stone tiles with stone aggregate material for contrasting colors and textures that made the below spa project unique.

If you are planning a new pool or spa project, remember that your opportunity for creativity does not stop at the pool or spa itself. Embrace the artistic possibilities of a well-designed deck and find yourself with a visual treat every time you look into your backyard.

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