Planning a Spring Fling Garden Party

The weather is nice, the days are longer, you have put a ton of work into your new backyard landscaping, and you know, all you need is an excuse to throw a party. Look no further than the season.

Spring is an inspiration and great motivator to get your friends and family together for an outdoor spring-themed garden party.

Decorations and Theme

Like any party, design, and theme can make or break the environment you are trying to create for your guests. Luckily, the spring theme is perfect for generating ideas that are easy to execute and that look great. Especially if you are planning on throwing the party in your backyard, look around and draw ideas from the landscape around you.

If you are setting up cocktail tables for guests to stand and chat around, make table settings out of flowers and other plants picked from your landscape. If you have decorative rosemary plants anywhere in your yard, use cuttings to make scented garlands that you place behind chairs for visual highlights that will fill your guests’ senses with thoughts of spring.

Food and Drinks

For any backyard party, it is always best to go simple and light with the food and beverages. Springtime finger foods like chicken and vegetable skewers or chips and dips using fresh seasonal vegetables like spinach, artichoke, or basil pesto are great ways to keep your guests snacking without making the process too complicated.

If you are serving cocktails, consider making up batches of a seasonally themed punch like sangria or a French 75 that you can make ahead of time and keep on ice for your guests to pour throughout the night.


Springtime is the best time for outdoor party games, and there are so many that you can set up for your guests of all ages to enjoy. There are the classic garden games, croquette, and badminton, and there are the easier-to-learn and easier-to-draw crowd favorites like horseshoes, washers, or bocce.

Most sporting goods stores carry sets for all of these games, and they are easy to set up in different areas of your yard for a relaxed rotating competition between your guests.

Don’t get too stressed out about throwing a spring-themed garden party though. It’s safe to say that with the weather as beautiful as it is, most friends and family would welcome any excuse to enjoy some food, drinks, and good conversation, no matter what the games or décor look like.

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