Party Tips

Now that it’s the prime season for entertaining, here are five surefire ways to play the host or hostessing role in your beautiful home without letting stress get in your way of having a memorable time:

  1. Keep It Simple
    Set yourself up for success instead of struggles by keeping decorations, food, and libations simple.
  2. Prepare Ahead
    Write out your plan and approach and delegate tasks as necessary. When it comes to food, a well-thought out menu that can be executed in steps leading up to the day of the party is best! Consider if you plan on doing a potluck, heavy hors d’oeuvres, a buffet meal, or a full on seated dinner and tailor your invitation and approach.
  3. Consider Space
    Thinking about the logical flow of guests through your house gives you foresight in regards to where to place important items like the bar, appetizers, and desserts. Plan on having ample seating space for guests to mingle and split off into comfortable conversations.
  4. Developing Ambiance
    From music to lights, setting the right mood of your party is a central component in its success. Background music that is not too loud can help establish a festive tone while providing ambient noise to ease shy or nervous guests. When it comes to lighting, soft incandescent light is a great stage setter for a lovely and joyful gathering.
  5. Flowers
    Fresh-cut flowers make great additions to liven up and decorate any space. Around the holidays, consider using greenery such as wreaths and holly to get guests in the right spirit!

Remember to Enjoy Yourself
As the host or hostess, its pivotal that you enjoy yourself. Don’t forget to pause from the hustle and bustle of having guests in your home to truly relish the moment of having people you care about together! Plus, if all the above doesn’t work out, this is the only thing that truly matters!

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