Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Lighting design can go a long way to add mood and ambiance to any environment. When it comes to your backyard, the type of lighting you choose helps set the vibe for social gatherings or quiet nights relaxing by the pool. To get inspired about how you can incorporate fresh lighting ideas into your backyard, here’s a quick roundup of lighting trends that will help transition your space from the long summer days into the crisp fall nights.
The mixture of a few of the following can help provide adequate lighting while accenting and highlighting the architectural elements of your home and outdoor space:
Water-Feature Lighting
Your pool and spa are great places to incorporate lighting elements to add visual elegance and a sense of space. Water mixes well with lights for soft and relaxing reflections. You can also add emphatic light to any water feature like a fountain, a waterfall, or scuppers to bring in a little dramatic flair.
Uplighting is just as it sounds, the act of lighting upwards. For tall trees or other design elements of height, uplighting is a way to add more ambient light and create an environment that you can navigate through.
Safety Lighting
This type of lighting is more functional and is typically used along walkways, retaining walls, or to create boundaries of areas you want people to stay out of (if you have a large, sharp agave plant). Consider adding motion sensor lighting for the darkest hours of the night.
Accent Lighting
Accent lighting considers using lighting to highlight aspects of your yard that you want to draw attention to or create visual diversity with. Interesting flora and textures can be brought to life with proper accent lighting.
String/Lantern Lighting
Sitting beneath twinkle lights can make any situation feel a hint magical. When it comes to overhead light options, there are many different available types on the market like string lights or chandeliers. From simple to more elaborate, lighting from above casts a warm glow on your friends and family that is sure to please.

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