Outdoor Design Considerations

When thinking about your outdoor environment, at Imagine Backyard Living we like to give you the tools to dream without limitations. It’s our philosophy to invite our clients to imagine anything they want to create and our job to figure out logistics, design, and how to go about making your imagination a reality.

From beautiful outdoor kitchens to landscape design, we believe that your backyard space is an extension of your home. It should serve as a functional yet exceptional living space that matches your sense of design and style. When it comes to considering what to include when creating your ideal outdoor environment, here are a few considerations:

•         Size and Layout
When it comes to articulating your vision for your outdoor space, it is important to understand the amount of space you are working with. The real estate you have available should directly impact the decisions you make, especially in regards to functionality. Points to consider are what do you primarily want the space to be used for? Entertaining, relaxing, private time? Likewise, layout is another consideration that affects flow. Is the space a thoroughfare? Do many people (like gardeners or maintenance people) need to make their way through the space frequently? Or is it secluded and private?

•         Matching Aesthetics
As mentioned above, at Imagine Backyard Living, we think that your outdoor space should feel like an extension of your home. This creates a visual harmony between the interior and exterior spaces of your property and can help create a warm atmosphere by inviting you to move freely between the spaces.

•         Landscaping
Landscaping can make or break a yard. Fantastically designed landscaping brings emotion, drama, focal points, and texture to a space. In addition, lighting as a part of your landscape can evoke mood and ambiance. Bistro strand lights add an amazing and intimate setting to any outdoor living space. All key elements to setting a scene you want to spend time in!

•         Privacy or Covered
Depending upon your property, you may want to consider how private your yard is. This may impact design decisions depending upon your wants, needs, and environment. Elements of landscaping like hedges or trees can provide coverage when placed correctly, as can covered areas like a pergola or sunshade depending upon your structures.

•         Furnishings
One of our favorite subjects at IBL! Selecting high quality furnishings that complement your environment can provide the perfect finishing touches on any space. At Imagine Backyard Living, we have exclusive partnerships with both Today’s Patio Furniture and Decor Team Drapery that allow us to create beautiful and atmospheric living rooms outside! Visit our experiential showroom for more information.

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