Outdoor Cooking

When it comes to preparing a delicious meal for yourself or your family and friends, there’s one secret ingredient that you should know about: fresh air. Cooking alfresco is a great way to spark your appetite and give yourself the gift of atmosphere when performing the daily task of meal preparation.

At Imagine Backyard Living, we specialize in creating the outdoor environment of your dreams, and one of the many ways we achieve this goal is by exceeding our client’s expectations. When it comes to outdoor kitchens, we know how to deliver a cut above the rest. From determining the right location for your kitchen to the design layout, size, materials, and appliances, here are several ways Imagine Backyard Living helps you maximize the joy for cooking and ensures an outdoor cooking space that lasts:

Outdoor Flooring

When selecting the right patio or decking material for an outdoor kitchen, it is important to choose an easily cleanable surface that is resistant to grease or staining. This ensures a beautiful and safe outdoor environment that can be used over time.

Large Sinks

A large and highly functional sink is great both indoors and outdoors to accommodate large plates and cooking elements. When situated in your outdoor kitchen, we make sure that it is a comfortable process to follow your natural cooking patterns.

Lots of Counter Space

Outdoor counter space is multi-functional. Able to be used as a landing zone for food and utensils while cooking to hosting the perfect staging area for buffets and hors d’ouevres while entertaining, large counters deliver grandeur that makes cooking outdoors fun and easy.

Good Lighting

An essential element for any chef, good lighting is a great way to make an outdoor kitchen functional during the evening hours. Not to mention, it’s key in lighting up your backyard, showing off your space, and creating the right atmosphere for a gathering of friends and family!

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