Living in the Moment

Between the onslaught of contemporary technology, in-your-face news, and the juggle of work and life balance, being able to stay focused and appreciate the present moment is something we’ve heard many people struggle with lately. How do you accomplish your forward looking goals while remaining available to enjoy the immersive experience happening around you each day? How do you have enough room to appreciate the little things without getting too distracted about what needs to happen down the road? To help strike the right balance in this common conundrum, here is some advice from our professional team at Imagine Backyard Living to empower you to find a happy medium:
Mind and Body Connection
The mind and body connection is incredibly important when to comes to being content. Being able to get in tune with your mind and listen to its needs while also paying attention to your body are two key components in unlocking holistic wellness. We recommend setting aside ‘quiet’ time for 10 or 15 minutes a day to check in with both your mental and physical state. To cultivate a stronger connection, meditation, hydrotherapy, massage, yoga, or other forms of gentle exercise are a great way to deliver that much needed attention to yourself and the ones you love.
Get Social
Good friends and family are a huge part of the wellness equation. Human bonds reinforce the emotional sharing that makes us feel connected. At Imagine Backyard Living, we love a great outdoor party to bring everyone together over good food, cold drinks, and a nice refreshing Jacuzzi® hot tub soak to help recenter yourself and really be able to participate in the great relationships around you.
Enjoy Nature
Time and time again one of the biggest factors of human happiness is exposure to nature. Our modern workplace doesn’t allow for much time to slow down and get outside. We suggest scheduling in quick walks during the workday, spending time in your beautiful yard right after work, longer forays into natural settings on the weekends, or plan a longer trip to somewhere to rejuvenate your energy levels and encourage learning.
Juggling Priorities
It’s true we can’t accomplish everything we want. To help cope with this, teaching yourself how to prioritize what’s on your plate can help you focus on the present moment, do what you can, and let go of other items. Learning to delegate, communicate, and let go are important actions that can diminish feeling overwhelmed and help you stay anchored to the present
At Imagine Backyard Living, we are all about living each day to the max and with these above tips, we hope that you too can take on the challenges that life presents and learn how to make the most of each moment by staying present and simply enjoying the experiences that life throws your way.

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