Should I Install My Hot Tub Inside or Outside?

Your hot tub installation should cater to your every need.

The foundation of the perfect hydrotherapy experience is the perfect installation spot. Deciding whether you want your spa indoors or outdoors is often the first decision that hot tub owners make before bringing their prized spa home.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the requirements for both installation types and how they can meet your needs and preferences.

Your Needs and Wants

What is your motivation for purchasing a hot tub? Are you looking for new ways to improve your backyard and get some fresh air? Or perhaps this is solely an investment in your health, acting as a remedy for aches, pains or arthritis. No matter your reasoning, it can often play into whether you install it inside or outside.

An Indoor Installation Might be Right for You If…

  • You suffer from seasonal allergies
  • Your backyard landscape is already complete
  • You already have an outdoor water feature
  • You enjoy spending time indoors
  • You prefer a more controlled environment
  • You value privacy while in the spa

An Outdoor Installation Might be Right for You If…

  • You enjoy spending time outside
  • The fresh air helps you to relax
  • Your yard has lots of wiggle room
  • You want to spend time outdoors year round
  • You enjoy an outdoor social environment

Your Home

Whether you install your spa inside or outside is heavily reliant on the layout and design of your home.

Indoor Space

An indoor installation can provide you with the comfort of a private and controlled environment. No matter the time of day or weather outside, you can always enjoy a dip in the hot tub.

With an indoor installation, you will want to ensure that the room has adequate flooring, drainage, water-resistant materials, ventilation, and lighting. Some homeowners find that it’s more effective to have the hot tub delivered, then build the room around the spa.

That way, you don’t have to worry about getting it through the door!

Outdoor Space

An outdoor spa installation can provide you with a new approach to relaxing outdoors and getting some fresh air. Especially for those who crave the sounds of nature, these outdoor installations call for creativity.

Below or above-ground, with the right design your hot tub can achieve that sought-after “built-in” look. Complete your installation with a beautiful landscape design, patio furniture, fire pit, BBQ, and your favorite backyard essentials.

For those with bigger backyards, a larger six-person spa will likely fit nicely, while more modest spaces can benefit from a two, three or four-person option.

Find Your Hot Tub Inspiration With Imagine Backyard Living

Where you install your spa all comes down to your lifestyle. For more information or help getting started, visit our backyard leisure experts at Imagine Backyard Living in Scottsdale.

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Looking for hot tub installation ideas? Watch this helpful video for all the inspiration you need!

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