How to Cool Your Patio for Summer Use and Enjoyment

During the summer, an Arizona backyard lifestyle is both practical and possible with some adjustments to the way your patio’s set up.
To help beat the heat, install a few systems to cool off your patio and you’ll be able to enjoy it year-round! You have quite a few options available for keeping your patio temperature lower so you can turn it into an extension of your home.
First of all, consult with us about the variety of ways to keep it cool this summer. We can help you with all of the solutions in this post.
One way many houses and professional establishments around the Valley use to keep it cool is through misting systems. These are an easy way to reduce the temperature on your patio.  Misting systems work by cooling the air through the evaporation of water when it hits hot air. According to MistAMERICA, an Imagine Backyard Living partner, some systems can even cool your space by up to 30 degrees!
Another easy way to keep your patio cool is by including as much shade as possible. Pergolas, gazebos, awnings, and umbrellas all help with this. You can even combine any of these with a misting system to get the ultimate cooling experience you want. One amazing invention you could take advantage of is a misting umbrella, which is perfect for those more open spaces that you’re not sure how to reach with a traditional misting system.

Fans are a typical but effective solution for cooling your patio space. They help circulate the air instead of keeping it stagnant, providing a light breeze that helps relieve heat. Fans can be installed in any area that has the ability to hang them. And like the misting umbrellas, you can find fans that also have a misting system included, like the ones from MistAMERICA.  Come in to the Imagine Backyard Living showroom to check these multifunctional fan/misting systems.
Last but not least, don’t forget that you can cool the ground space of your patio. A company called Munter’s makes a mobile, remote cooling system that sits on the ground.  This system can help cool your backyard patio space for an efficient and low-cost solution without chemicals, and can run for up to ten hours. So when you plan to host a summer barbecue on your patio and you know there’ll be lots of people needing to cool off, you can be sure the Munter’s remote system won’t stop cooling off your space anytime soon!
Cooling your backyard patio space may take a little bit of extra work up front, but it’s an investment that’s well worth it to have an incredible backyard living experience throughout the hot summer months!
Which cooling method have you found most effective for your backyard living patio space?

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