How to Choose a Fire Pit

There is a wide spectrum of manufacturers producing fire pits of all types and it can be difficult to sift through the wide range of options available on the market. Here is a quick tutorial to help you decide which type of fire pit would be the best option for your desired application.
Wood Burning
The classic outdoor heating option is a wood-burning fire pit or chiminea. Wood burning heaters are reliable and manufactured to be able to stand constant direct heat. They create a  fun and inviting ambiance and are great centerpieces for entertaining. On the flip side, they are not easy to get started and require that leftover ash and other byproducts of the burning process are removed and disposed of responsibly. Wood burning heaters also require plenty of ventilation as to not suffer from the inhalation of carbon monoxide. Plus there are many “no-burn” days throughout the cooler season.
Natural Gas
This is a relatively common fire pit option because there are many new home construction projects around the country that are piping natural gas to the house for a whole range of applications, including outdoor grills, fire pits, and heaters. Natural gas is inexpensive and easy to use. Natural gas hookups usually means the location will be permanent
This is probably the most common form of the fire pit that is propane. It’s relatively inexpensive and easy to come by. Empty tanks can typically be traded in for full ones and they are simple to unattach and reattach for easy use. Propane allows for portability so you can move your fire pit where you want it.
Whatever option you go with, fire parts are a fun and easy way to keep you using your backyard space throughout the winter. Come talk to our professional team about what options we think will work best for you!

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