Getting Your Hot Tub Ready for Fall

Hot tub owners are fortunate not to be restricted by seasonal weather changes. They can move seamlessly from summer to fall without a hiccup in their backyard entertainment schedule. Seasonal changes do however mark important maintenance timelines and now that summer is officially over, here is a list of critical tasks to perform now to ensure that your hot tub stays clean and in peak working condition throughout the year.

Drain & Clean
Fall is one of the best times of year to do a Drain & Clean on your hot tub. Turn off the power at the breaker, drain all of the water out, wipe down the entire acrylic surface with a micro clean cloth and wipe the hydrotherapy jets and chrome with a Magic Eraser. Clean the cover and cabinet and apply 303 Protectant, refill, and start up with new chemicals. You will be set to go for the fall hot tub season.

The end of a busy summer season means it is time to do a thorough inspection and cleaning of your filters. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for removing your filters and lay them out near a water hose with a gentle pressure nozzle. A FilterFlosser makes filter cleaning a real snap. Remove any visible dirt, grime, or hair and spray the filters clean. Most pool supply stores sell cleaning agents specifically formulated for hot tub filters that direct you to soak your filters for up to 15 minutes before rinsing clean. Check cleaned filters for any rips or tears and replace them as necessary.

The beginning of the fall is the perfect time to do a thorough examination and cleaning of your hot tub cover too. As we get into the season of abundant leaf litter, a snug cover becomes more important than ever. To clean your hot tub cover, use a mild and environmentally-friendly detergent along with a gentle sponge to wipe down any dirt or grime before spraying clean with a water hose. Once clean, check for any damage and use an off-the-shelf vinyl repair kit to make any repairs.

These are a few simple areas to give extra attention to as the seasons change. For more advice on how to keep your hot tub immaculate and in peak operating conditions, come into our showroom and talk to a backyard design professional.

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