Fun Backyard Ideas

There is nothing like great weather to entice you to spend time outdoors. As the owner of a beautiful backyard, taking pride of your home and spending quality time in your exceptional backyard environment can be a fun and rewarding experience. To ensure you make the most of your property, here are several great ideas to spruce up any outdoor space:
Monochromatic Palette
Instead of looking to a mix of prints and splashy furniture to liven up your outdoor space, keep it simple and elegant with a curated color scheme. By sticking to a monochromatic palette you can change out decorative items during seasons and establish different moods with a malleable sense of aesthetics.
Outdoor Sofa
At Imagine Backyard Living, we love to blend the interior and exterior space on your property. One great way of uniting these distinct areas is by creating an outdoor living area complete with a sofa, a sound system, and a weather resistant coffee table. Next time you notice your family lounging about inside on a beautiful day, suggest you all take the party outdoors!
Create Movement
Using potted plants, garden beds, lights, and rock formations are fun ways to introduce directional qualities and boundary systems in your backyard. Think creatively how you can establish pathways and private nooks delineated by a range of interesting materials.
Al Fresco
Set the stage for cooking or dining outdoors with a stunning outdoor kitchen complete with everything you need to prepare a delightful meal. With ceramic grills to smokers and drawers, maintain optimal cooking control for a fresh-air experience with Imagine Backyard Living’s unique outdoor kitchen products. See our all new outdoor kitchen design center and see how easy it is to have the outdoor cooking center you have always wanted.
With a dedication to helping you achieve the outdoor environment of your dreams, stop in our experiential showroom or schedule a consultation with our team of professional designers to make your backyard a one-of-a-kind destination today!

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