Fresh Air: The Health Benefits of Being Outdoors

With advanced technology, it’s easy to get hooked on being indoors. From computer screens to handheld devices, indoor exercise equipment, and television, plenty of people work indoors, and a host of people spend their recreational time indoors as well. At Imagine Backyard Living, we’d like to invite you to step outside into your own backyard oasis to reap the many benefits that fresh air can have on both your health and wellbeing.
Several examples of why it’s important to unplug, unwind, and take a detour from the hectic and harried paces of life’s daily grind are:
-Get an Immune System Boost
By spending time outside in the natural world, your immune system can receive a much needed boost by taking a moment away from the stress-inducing environment of your office or home. Getting a few lungfuls of fresh air through a walk outdoors can raise your neutrophils and monocytes, both cells your body produces to help ward off viruses and infections.
-Get Happy
Time spent outdoors can also help you feel more connected and grounded. It can help decrease stress while enabling your mind to feel more at peace and relaxed. Another benefit is that through the boost in oxygen, your body can produce additional serotonin to help your mood feel lighter and promote a more fulfilled sense of well-being. All of this can lead to an increased level of happiness for your mind and body!
-Get Energized
As well as feeling relaxed, getting fresh air is also known to boost your ability to focus and help you feel refreshed and more energized. Instead of staying stuck indoors or at a desk all day, a quick trip through nature can help replenish much-needed energy levels that in turn enable you to more efficiently do your work. Taking a daily walk can also help boost your creativity!
-Get Healthy
A few additional benefits of fresh air are:
-Better digestion
-Lower blood pressure
-Lower heart rate
-Cleanses lungs
So what are you waiting for? Get outside and breathe in that fresh air!

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