Entertaining Tips

Now that your backyard is all spruced up for prime entertaining season, it’s the right time to invite all of your friends and family over to enjoy your stunning outdoor space. This season, try out these hot party tips to make the most of backyard living and to showcase your creative environment:

  • Prepare and Polish
    Before you invite all of your closest friends over for a gathering, be sure to spend a moment prepping your yard for a polished look. This includes mowing grass, raking leaves and plant debris, and properly storing equipment, tools, and toys.
  • Clean Up
    Don’t forget to tidy up key guest locations like the entryway to your house, the bathrooms, and the kitchen (both indoors and outdoors) to set the stage for a great atmosphere.
  • Available Seating
    Depending upon your guest count, you may need to think outside the box to accommodate your guests with enough seating. Built-in chairs and fireplace nooks make great conversation areas but consider using blankets on grass and introducing standing cocktail tables if necessary to facilitate the movement and flow of your party.
  • Tunes
    Music is a great way to set the vibe and encourage everyone to enjoy the party. Make sure the volume isn’t too loud or overwhelming and select neutral music that enhances the party atmosphere!
  • Outdoor Lighting
    Create ambiance with a mix of outdoor lighting. From candles to string lights, lanterns to landscaping lights, play around in advance with your options to ensure the best for your guests.
  • Healthy Mix
    Last but not least, a healthy mix of tasty morsels and cool drinks is the way to go to please a crowd. At Imagine Backyard Living, we recommend firing up the outdoor grill and setting up a great spread to share along your outdoor kitchen and bar area.

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