Buying a Hot Tub: Being Fooled by a “Hot Tub & Swim Spa Expo” Can Be Discouraging

Recently you may have seen or heard urgent advertising for a Spa Expo or other misleading promotion from local and non-local dealers trying to give the impression they are having an “Expo” featuring many dealers and brands. These are nothing more than misleading advertising tactics to fool you into thinking its something it is not. This piqued our interest so we visited a recent “Expo” and here is what we found:

  • It is not an Expo of “major brands”. Its one manufacturer misleading the public into thinking all of the major brands will   in one place.
  • As always, be informed. Take time to investigate the product and who the local dealer is, if there is one, before signing any contracts. Do they have a location? How long have they been in business? Who are the people behind the company? What is their experience and reputation?
  • Inspect the location if they have one.
  • Do not put any sort of major deposit as a down payment. If you do make a down payment, make it very small and use a credit card so you have cancellation privileges. If the dealer wants your business, the “deal” will be there after the show and will give you the right to cancel with full refund if you change your mind. Have them write it on the contract. If they wont do that for you, don’t buy.
  • Make sure the brand is recognizable and has been around a long time. Normally quality brands like Jacuzzi® and Sundance® wont allow their products to be sold in this type of environment.
  • Feel the quality of the acrylic shell. Can you flex it with your fingers? Get in the tub and stand in the center. Does move and flex when you stand on it? If so, you are asking for trouble
  • You are investing in a hot tub for the quality of the hydrotherapy experience. Don’t get caught up in all the talk about whats under the cabinet-it’s a sales technique to take your attention away from whats most important-great and legendary hydrotherapy.
  • Lots of jets and high horsepower pumps do not equal great hydrotherapy and will mean higher energy costs and costly repairs on the cheap jets used in the tubs.
  • Is the tub UL listed?
  • Search Yelp for reviews on the brand. For example, take a look at the Yelp reviews on Master Spas.
  • Many companies send professional sales teams to these type ‘Expos” that are accustomed to pressuring people to buy. These guys work on straight commission and don’t make any money unless you buy. Take a step back and listen to the pressure they are putting on you. Listen to what they may be saying to other people shopping at this so called “Expo”
  • It’s easy to get wrapped up in what you think is a “good deal” when being pressured to buy now. Take your time and research the product and who is behind it. We have all seen recent stories of pool and spa companies going out of business and leaving buyers with nothing but a headache.

This is a long term, high ticket investment that can quickly turn bad if you make an impulsive choice. Remember, “the bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory”.
Visit our experiential showroom anytime for questions and a thorough tour of all that Imagine Backyard Living and the Jacuzzi brands have to offer!

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